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Innovating for circular processes, products and materials

Imperial's researchers are developing circular economic models for multiple materials, e.g. plastics, textiles, metals, electronics and cement. More sustainable industrial models are essential to prevent exhaustion of resources and environmental pollution. But they require new ways of thinking about design and ownership, as well as new production and recycling capabilities. 

A molecular science and engineering approach is a major advantage here. It requires simultaneous consideration of materials' molecular structure, physical properties, material performance, manufacture, function and reuse/recycling. This life-cycle approach is essential to efficient material use across the whole spectrum of uses for a product or material.

Research champion

  • Rupert Myers

    Rupert Myers

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    Rupert Myers Senior Lecturer Civil and Environmental Engineering

    +44 (0)20 7594 8174

    Research interests

    • industrial ecology
    • cement chemistry
    • sustainable engineering practice


    Skempton Building
    South Kensington Campus

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