Are you searching for a publication in Altmetric and are unable to find it?

This may be because:

  • Altmetric coverage of publications starts from around 2013 onwards. Altmetric does not offer automatic coverage of articles older than this;
  • Altmetric works with data from Symplectic Elements. If you have not deposited the publication to Spiral via Symplectic Elements or claimed it in Symplectic Elements then it is unlikely that Altmetric will be able to identify your authorship. Read here for advice on depositing a manuscript to Spiral;
  • The publication was not published with a scholarly identifier such as a DOI, a PubMed ID, an arXiv ID. Read the guidance on understanding identifiers and publication types;
  • If the publication has never received any mentions from sources tracked by Altmetric, then it will not be findable in Altmetric. 

After considering the above, if you would like to enquire further why a publication is not appearing in an Altmetric search, please email with details of the publication.

Do you know that a mention of a publication is missing?

Altmetric have provided advice on understanding why a mention might be missing and how to request this be corrected.