Whether you're looking for data to reuse or integrate with your research, or trying to find somewhere to deposit your own data, a relevant data repository (also known as an archive or data centre) is a good place to start.

Searching for data

You can search all datasets that have a DataCite DOI assigned by using the British Library's online catalogue. Choose Advanced search and pick "Research datasets" from the "Material type" list.

Discipline-specific repositories

The best place to start is a repository that focuses specifically on the types of data you work with. There are thousands of these available, but you can easily browse by subject area in the Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data) to find something suitable.

The Open Access Directory also maintains a small list of data repositories.

General-purpose repositories

If there isn't a suitable specialised repository, we recommend trying one or more of the following more general options:

  • Zenodo An open access data, software and publication repository for researchers who want to share multidisciplinary research results not available in other repositories. It was developed by and is hosted at CERN, but is suitable for all types of research data. It is free to use and has guaranteed funding from the EU for the foreseeable future.
  • FigShare Allows researchers to post their all their data, with the aim of reducing replicating research data unnecessarily. It is free to use and owned by Macmillan Group.
  • Dryad 'An international repository of data underlying peer-reviewed articles in the basic and applied biosciences'. It is supported by a consortium of journals and publishers such as Oxford University Press, Ecology Letters and BioMed Central. A small charge per deposit is payable.
  • NERC Data Centres Several data centres run by the Natural Environment Research Council for environment-related data.
  • UK Data Service Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council to provide access to relevant data.
  • CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network): the Data Hub Nearly 2000 dataset collections spanning a wide range of scientific disciplines from medicine to earth sciences. It is an Open Knowledge Foundation project.
  • Research Pipeline Provides links to a number of open data services including a data wiki linking to open data and datasets available online. Datasets included cover physical, natural and social sciences. The Research Pipeline blog focuses on issues surrounding data analysis.
  • The Council of European Social Science Data Archives Social science data archives across Europe.