Imperial College London Research Data Repository Deposit Agreement

Definitions and terms

Dataset – a set of files containing both research data and documentation

Depositor - the person who uploads data. For the purposes of this document the depositor is either the rights holder or has permission to deposit the data on behalf of the rights holder(s)

Metadata - data or information about data which describes or contextualises the data

Research Data - data that is collected, observed, or created, for purposes of analysis to produce original research results. The word “data” is used throughout this document to refer to research data

Repository - storage location referred to in this document as the Imperial College London Research Data Repository, in this case for research data.

Purpose of this deposit agreement

Research data are increasingly recognised as valuable research outputs in their own right. Research data provide the evidence that supports published findings and are an important resource for future research. Modern technology makes it possible to produce and disseminate more data than ever before. However, digital data are also at risk from file and software obsolescence and data corruption. Imperial College London recognises the importance of research data and is committed to providing facilities that will enable long-term storage, preservation and accessibility of Datasets. This Deposit Agreement gives Imperial permission to deposit Datasets and carry out activities necessary to facilitate the long-term preservation and sharing of Datasets within the terms and conditions set out below.

1 Deposit licence

1.1 By clicking through this licence, I grant Imperial College London the non-exclusive right to electronically store, archive, translate, copy, re-arrange or convert the Dataset for preservation and/or migration purposes and to ensure future accessibility without changing the content and/or distribute my Dataset (including the Metadata) worldwide in electronic format. I am free to deposit my Dataset in its present version or future versions elsewhere.
1.2 I understand that Imperial will make copies of the Dataset (including Metadata) available for distribution worldwide in electronic format for the purposes of access without charge.
1.3 I understand that Imperial is under no obligation to reproduce, transmit, broadcast or display the Dataset in the same formats or resolutions as those in which it was originally deposited, subject to any third-party requirements.
1.4 I understand that Imperial may migrate my Dataset to another repository where this is judged to be in the interests of Imperial’s researchers and/or where it helps Imperial’s researchers meet funder requirements. Should a national or European data repository be created, my data may be included at no charge.
1.5 I understand that once my Dataset is uploaded to the Imperial College London Research Data Repository, a citation to it will always remain visible, although the author(s) retain the right to update it. The Metadata that forms the citation will be placed in the public domain via a Creative Commons Zero Licence (CC0).
1.6 I agree that Imperial may create persistent identifiers (e.g. Digital Object identifiers (DOIs)) to provide a permanent link to the Dataset via a data catalogue or other resource.
1.7 I understand that I can request that public access to the Dataset be restricted.
1.8 I understand that Imperial may remove my Dataset and/or Metadata without notice if the Dataset is found to violate the legal rights of any person or organisation or breach College regulations, UK law or funder mandates.
1.9 I understand that should access to a Dataset and/or Metadata record be restricted by either Imperial or at the request of the Depositor, the university reserves the right to retain the Dataset and Metadata record of the Dataset in the repository in perpetuity.

2 I agree as follows:

2.1 That I am either the sole rights holder or am authorised by all rights holder(s) of the Dataset to enter into this agreement and hereby give Imperial the right to make my Dataset available in the way described above.
2.2 That the submission does not infringe the copyright, or any confidentiality rights of a third party.
2.3 Imperial is under no obligation to take or defend legal action on my behalf, or on behalf of any other rights holder(s) if the Dataset breaches intellectual property rights or is otherwise subject to legal dispute.
2.4 If the Dataset has been commissioned, sponsored or supported by an agency or organisation other than Imperial College London, I represent that I have fulfilled all the obligations required by such contract(s) or agreements(s).
2.5 Imperial will clearly identify me as the Depositor in my capacity as either the Dataset’s creator or copyright owner.
2.6 Imperial will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this licence, to my Dataset.
2.7 Imperial may keep more than one copy of my Dataset for purposes of security, back-up, and preservation.
2.8 Where the Dataset concerns human subjects, I confirm that the appropriate written and informed consent and ethical approval was obtained for the collection.
2.9 All necessary steps – including anonymisation - have been taken to prevent disclosure of confidential information or information that relates to an individual who can be identified.
2.10 I confirm that where the collection of personal data was carried out without consent, an alternative legal basis was provided in accordance with the principles of the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR.
2.11 I acknowledge that I am responsible for the secure retention or destruction of any identifiable information collected as part of my research.
2.12 The Dataset does not breach any law nor contain any material of a defamatory or libellous nature.
2.13 To the best of my knowledge there are no ethical or moral reasons which might prohibit the Dataset being made publicly available.
2.14 To the best of my knowledge and belief I have provided sufficient Metadata to ensure that the Dataset is discoverable and sufficient explanatory documentation to ensure that the Dataset is understandable and reusable.
2.15 I confirm that I have actively chosen a licence for my Dataset, one that is compliant with funder requirements and/or is appropriate for the Dataset type and its use by the research community.

3 Disclaimer

3.1 While every care will be taken to preserve the integrity of the Dataset, Imperial is not liable for loss or damage to the dataset while it is stored in the Imperial College London Data Repository or any repository to which the data is subsequently migrated.
3.2 Imperial accepts no responsibility for mistakes, omissions, or legal infringements within the Dataset.
3.3 Datasets are being distributed without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall Imperial College London be liable for damages arising from their use.