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All Imperial College users of Symplectic can now benefit from an automatic sharing of publications between ORCID and Symplectic. Increasingly, funders are choosing to mandate the use of ORCID and using ORCID as the record of publication in funding submission portals.

Follow the below instructions to validate automatic sharing.

1. Log in to your Symplectic Elements account

2. Go to Menu > My Account > ORCID Settings

Screenshot of Symplectic Menu with Orcid settings highlighted






 3. Under ‘Configure connection’ you are presented with options to select under ‘I permit Symplectic Elements to’.

Select Connect your ORCID ID

Connect ORCID ID button highlighted





4. Sign in to ORCID. If you are asked to Authorise Imperial College London, please click Authorise.

ORCID authorize button highlighted








5. In the Symplectic ‘Configure Connections’ box you are presented with options. Select the first option ‘I permit Symplectic Elements to read from and write publication data to my ORCID account’. Selecting this option will authorise an automatic connection from Symplectic to ORCID, saving you time and administration updating both accounts.

Symplectic configure connection box with read from and write publication data to my ORCID account highlighted 










If you do not want to authorise the automatic connection between Symplectic and ORCID, information on all options is available.

6. In the pop up box confirming your selection, click ‘OK’.

ORCID confirmation pop up




7. The ‘Manage which publications will be sent’ options will now appear. These will permit you to choose which types of publications are sent from Symplectic to ORCID. Review the options and descriptions offered.

8. Press 'Run Sync' wait to see a pop up box confirming synchronisation. 

run sync button





9. Wait to see a pop up notification confirming synchronisation. Now you can exit Symplectic and ORCID.

Sync complete



Congratulations! Within 48 hours your Symplectic account will be synchronised with your ORCID account, or not if you selected otherwise.

You can change these settings any time in the future by revisiting ‘ORCID settings’ in Symplectic.