Key Information

Tutor: Dr Paul Seldon
Course Level:
 Level 2
Course Credit:
 1 credit 
Mode of Delivery: 
Online & Face-to-Face sessions available
Maximum Course Capacity: 20


  • Friday 17 May 2024
    10:00-13:00, South Kensington

Your individual resilience determines how you respond to change, setbacks, and unexpected events, events that are common in a research environment. This course will allow you to understand and develop your Academic Resilience by identifying different areas that contribute to resilience, providing skills to help you remain positive and motivated even in challenging circumstances.

Course Information

This course includes pre-course activities (Approx. 60 minutes) to complete before the live course and to engage with during the course: you will receive the credit by participating in all pre-course and course activities.

Pre-course activities (duration about 60 mins) will prepare you for the live session. Live sessions are available on different dates as online interaction or as a Face-to-face workshop (both 3 hrs).

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify what resilience is.
  • Recognise what an academic mindset is and your learning strategies.
  • Distinguish how different areas work to build your resilience.
  • Assess practices and techniques to support your academic resilience.
  • Plan the development of your academic resilience.

How to Book

Please select a date and book on via Inkpath using your Imperial Single-Sign-On.  Bookings will close approximately one week before each live session.