Ed Tech Guild Strategic Oversight Group (GSOG)

Terms of reference

  • To advise the Interim Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience) on matters of strategy and resource allocation for externally-facing digital education activities in order to meet the changing priorities and developing needs of the Faculties and the College. 
  • To maintain and develop the 2018-2025 Digital Strategy in line with the overarching aims of the 2017 Learning and Teaching Strategy in order to shape the College’s digital and online educational offer and position the College as a provider of world-class technology-enhanced education. 
  • To advance our capability in educational technology through the coordination and sponsorship of strategic initiatives and through the evaluation and review of platforms and partners.  
  • To review, prioritise and grant strategic approval to proposed, externally facing, online programmes, MOOCs, MicroMasters and Outreach/Pre-University programmes. 
  • To report decisions to the Ed Tech Guild. 

If you would like to submit a proposal for an externally facing online course, please fill in the GSOG strategic approval form [doc].

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Rialas.

Constitution and membership


  • Assistant Provost (Learning & Teaching) as Chair
  • Vice-Dean (Education) from each Faculty
  • EdTech Lead or equivalent from each Faculty
  • Director of the Centre of Higher Education Research and Scholarship
  • Director of the Digital Learning Hub; the Head of the Technology Office (ICT)
  • President of Imperial College Union

Secretarial support provided by the Education Office.

Membership (Academic year 2020/21)
Professor Alan Spivey Assistant Provost (Learning and Teaching) (Chair)
Ms Leila Guerra Vice-Dean (Education), Imperial College Business School
Mr Martin Lupton Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Medicine
Professor Omar Matar Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering
Professor Richard Thompson Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dr David Lefevre EdTech Lead, Imperial College Business School
Ms Moira Sarsfield EdTech Lead, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Ms Shireen Lock EdTech Lead, Faculty of Engineering
Ms Lisa Carrier EdTech Lead, Faculty of Medicine
Professor Martyn Kingsbury Director of Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship
Ms Noemi Azzolina Director of Digital Learning Hub
Mr Abhijay Sood President of Imperial College Union
Mr Martin Sharkey Head of Technology Office (ICT)

Meeting dates and deadlines

Committee dates (Academic year 2020/21)Submission deadlines (Academic year 2020/21)
25 February 2021 22 February 2021
11 March 2021 08 March 2021
25 March 2021 22 March 2021
08 April 2021 05 April 2021
22 April 2021 19 April 2021
06 May 2021 03 May 2021
20 May 2021 17 May 2021
03 June 2021 31 May 2021
17 June 2021 14 June 2021
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