Terms of reference

  • To set the standards and framework for Imperial’s undergraduate science education.
  • To oversee the processes of quality assurance for undergraduate science education.
  • To monitor the provision and quality of e-learning.
  • To oversee minor changes to existing programme curricula and examination structures which have been approved by Departmental Teaching Committees.
  • To approve major changes to courses and/or examination structures and to approve subsequent revised programme specifications. Recommendations to Senate should be made as appropriate.
  • To approve all new collaborative modules (those which are run in collaboration with another institution) and to make recommendations to Senate as appropriate. Should a Department wish to propose changes to modules which are run in collaboration with another institution the Committee must approve these regardless of whether the change is major or minor.
  • To consider proposals for new courses, and the discontinuation of existing courses, and make recommendations to Senate as appropriate.
  • To undertake internal reviews of new and existing courses, including annual monitoring.
  • To approve new exchange arrangements and the renewal of existing exchange agreements.

Constitution and membership


  • Chairman (appointed by the Dean)
  • Vice Provost (Education)
  • Director of Student Support
  • College Consuls for Natural Sciences
  • Directors of Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • A representative from the Centre for Co-Curricular Studies
  • Business School Representative
  • a College Tutor
  • Academic Registrar (or nominee)
  • two student representatives; with the power to co-opt
  • a Vice Chairman to be elected at the start of each session

It is anticipated that additional staff with specific expertise /responsibilities would be invited to attend for discussion of specific topics.

 Professor R Thompson  Chair
 Professor D Humphris  Pro Rector (Education)
 Professor D Wright  Director of Student Support
 [Professor R Thompson]  Consuls for Natural Sciences
 Professor A Parry  Consuls for Natural Sciences
   Directors of Undergraduate Studies:
 Dr B Duncombe  Chemistry
 Professor J Mestel  Mathematics
 Professor A MacKinnon  Physics
 Professor S Curry  Life Sciences
 Dr E Price-Davies  Centre for Co-Curricular Studies Representative
 Mr C Love  Business School Representative
 Dr S Archer  College Tutor
 Mr D Pateman  Academic Registrar (or nominee)

Nat Kempston - ICU Deputy President

 Student representative

Mariza De Souza - RCSU Academic
Affairs Officer

 Student representative
 James Balloch  Deputy Academic Registrar, Registry as secretary
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Meeting dates and deadlines

Committee dates 2015/16Submission deadlines 2015/16
 19 November 2015   05 November 2015
Summary of the table's contents

Agenda items (including papers) should be submitted to the committee secretary two weeks prior to the committee meeting. Papers will normally be circulated to members one week prior to the committee meeting.




Academic year 2015/16

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Academic year 2012/13

For committee minutes prior to 2012/13, please contact the committee secretary.