What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Find out more on our Multi-factor Authentication(MFA) webpage.

Will MFA impact teaching and learning?

ICT have configured cluster rooms and lectern PC’s to prompt for MFA less frequently, however not all services currently support this restriction.

The following teaching and learning platforms have been tested and do not frequently prompt for MFA in cluster rooms:

  • Microsoft 365 services
  • Blackboard
  • Panopto
  • WISEflow (This does not include FLOWlock exams)
  • FeedbackFruits
  • Ed Discussion
  • Möbius Assessment
  • Turnitin
  • Zoom
  • Mentimeter

ICT recommend using one of the following browsers that support the limitation of MFA prompts in cluster rooms:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

The reduced number of MFA prompts does not apply to Apple or Linux devices. 

Will all types of account have a reduced number of MFA prompts in cluster rooms?

Staff, student and Imperial College guest accounts (1-90 days) will not receive frequent prompts for MFA in cluster rooms and lectern PC’s. Role accounts and guest accounts valid for less than 1 day will still receive frequent prompts for MFA.

Please be aware that frequent MFA prompts will still be received in computers in labs, libraries or library study rooms. Personal devices used in cluster rooms will also still receive MFA prompts. 

What happens with MFA in Locked Down Exams? 

The limited MFA prompt configuration does not apply to lockdown exam browsers or lockdown exam environments.

MFA prompts will be triggered if:

  • You are running a locked down exam that requires the use of a virtual machine.
  • You are logging into a cluster PC or lectern PC using a local account.
  • The lockdown browser triggers a private/incognito browsing setting.
  • You are using a self-configured environment that utilises a virtual machine.
  • You are accessing a non-cluster machine remotely.
  • You are connecting via a personal device



What should I do if I am frequently prompted for MFA in a cluster room?

Please raise a ticket with the Service Desk. If the request is urgent, please call the Service Desk on +44 20 7594 9000 or ext. 4900 from an Imperial phone.

What should I do if I am being prompted for MFA when logging into a teaching and learning platform that is not in the tested list?

The configuration of some tools prevent the MFA exclusion from working, which unfortunately cannot be resolved by ICT. Centrally supported Digital Education platforms are excluded from MFA in cluster rooms, and you can use the ‘use case based tool’ to identify a compatible platform.

My faculty/department does not use Blackboard, will I be able to access my Learning Management System (LMS) without MFA being triggered?

Currently ICT has only tested centrally supported systems so cannot confirm if faculty/department specific platforms are compatible with the MFA exclusion. For information on this, please contact your Faculty Ed Tech Team