Starfish is a student/tutor pastoral and academic support system and its purpose is to support staff in helping the student throughout their academic life at the College.

Starfish can assist in the following areas:

  • Facilitate interaction between students, tutors, teachers, and other College roles. 
  • Show students the photos, contact details, and profiles of members of staff that are in their support network.
  • Show tutors the photos and contact details of their tutees.
  • Allow students to search and contact tutors and other members of staff in their support network 
  • Recording and tracking student concerns.
  • Help provide early notification of academic and pastoral concerns.
  • Keep notes on a student’s progress and achievements for future reference. 
  • Tracking the attendance of courses and tutorials.
  • Record tutorial and meeting outcomes

The departments currently using Starfish are:

  • Design Engineering (for Undergraduates)
  • Aeronautics (Undergraduates)
  • Physics (Undergraduates)


If you would like to leave feedback or raise a question, please contact your departmental Starfish representative who should be your first point of contact. 

To get access to Starfish, or to get access to Starfish attendance reports, visit ASK