Have you tried FeedbackFruits?

WebPA is currently being phased out in favour of a new alternative Peer Assessment product called FeedbackFruits.  See our FeedbackFruits help pages for more information.

WebPA is an online peer moderated marking system, which has been designed for students partaking in group work, where an overall group mark is awarded. Each student in group grades theirs and their team member’s performance.  

WebPA is accessed through Blackboard. Staff and students that are enrolled on a Blackboard course with a WebPA assignment present will be granted access automatically. 

Adding WebPA to a Blackboard course 

To use WebPA with a Blackboard course, follow these steps: 

  1. Log on to Blackboard Learn

  1. Select the course that you would like to add a WebPA assignment to from the My Courses list 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Content Area of the course and ensure that Edit Mode is switched On 

  1. Select Assessments and then select WebPA 

  1. Enter the Name and description of the assignment. Make any additional changes and select Submit and Launch 

  1. WebPA will now be launched within Blackboard. From here you can create: 

  • Forms – used as a guide for students when grading other student’s work 

  • Groups – students are organised into groups 

  • Assessments – set an assignment for students to submit and peer assess.   

Staff Support  

For further help and support in using WebPA, please visit the external help materials provided by the developer: http://webpaproject.lboro.ac.uk/support/ 

Alternatively, if you have any questions on or problems relating to WebPA, contact the ICT Service Desk