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Imperial College Business School supports a variety of student-led Business School Clubs that aim to bring together both MBA and MSc students with shared interests, values, career aspirations and backgrounds. There are currently 16 different Careers Clubs at the Business School spanning a wide range of interests. The Careers Clubs provide students opportunities to expand their network, gain valuable industry insights, and build links with employers.

Our fifth IB Career Club of the month is the Healthcare Club! Candidate Experience Manager Ollie Waite sat down with President, Harikrishnan Pushpamgadan to discuss the clubs activities and mission statement.

Ollie: It's great to have you as our fifth IB Career Club of the month! Healthcare and its importance in our lives is something we are all too familiar with in this post-pandemic world. So I'm very interested to hear about your club and what you do! Could you tell me what the aims and objectives of the club are?

Healthcare: The IB Healthcare Club’s mission is to provide professional opportunities for students with an interest in building a future career in healthcare. We aim to support Imperial College Business School students by connecting them with healthcare industry representatives, introducing different career options and helping them make informed decisions. We also cater to those who are simply passionate about healthcare and would want to find potential networks within the industry. Our specific objectives for the year were:

  • Initiate and moderate events covering topics within the healthcare and life sciences industry (both in-person and online)
  • Expand partnerships and collaborations with other clubs at Imperial, business schools within UK and Europe, and with external corporates
  • Increase member involvement in the overall direction of our events
  • Expand traditional career areas to cater to the diverse professional interest of our members
  • Provide opportunities to channel expertise, network and learn about the industry and career opportunities
IB Healthcare Club Logo
IB Healthcare Club Logo

Ollie: They sound like very beneficial and ambitious objectives! I'm intrigued to hear how you achieved them. Could you tell us what activities and events you have run?

Healthcare: The events we ran were delivered with a focus across four major segments within healthcare – 1) Pharmaceuticals 2) Healthcare 3) Digital Health and 4) Healthcare NGOs. Some examples of what we created:

  • Lunch n’Learn Series – Virtual event providing an easy way for companies, industry leaders, alumni and current students to engage and share knowledge during everyone’s lunch break.
  • Discussion Panels – Multimodal panel discussions and seminars with global industry/academic experts and thought leaders to enrich members’ learning and engagement in the latest trends in the industry. Some examples of speakers include Dr. Jane Thomason, the co-founder of the British Blockchain & Frontier Technologies Association, Ioannis Psallidas, Global Clinical Head at Astra Zeneca, Handre Schmidt, Principal of Health & Life Sciences at Oliver Wyman, and Ainar Abdrakhamanov, CEO at Longevica.
  • Healthcare Hackathon – One-day business competition in collaboration with participants from other business schools across Europe. The mission is to provide a platform for members to showcase and practice digital and creative thinking skills to solve problems in healthcare/ life sciences.
  • Healthcare Conference – Flagship event in collaboration with other business schools across the UK, organised as a full-day event with industry leaders

Ollie: Very impressive, I like that you've got the four segments within healthcare covered. Who sits on the IB Healthcare Club committee to help make all of these things happen?

Healthcare: The IB Healthcare Club committee for 2021-22 was made up of:

"We have collaborated with the top Business Schools in the UK and created a network. It will be immensely powerful for the next cohort, we have laid the foundations for future of the IB Healthcare Club. They can build it on it even further to make it even stronger! "
Harikrishnan Pushpamgadan
Harikrishnan Pushpamgadan, President of IB Healthcare Club
Healthcare Club President, Harikrishnan Pushpamgadan

Ollie: It sounds like a very qualified committee, no surprise you've been able to create such great events together! If you had to pick one thing what would you say is your proudest achievement as a club?

Healthcare: The proudest achievement of the IB Healthcare Club has been organising and hosting the Healthcare Hackathon 2022. This event opened its doors to more than 70 challenge-driven individuals from 12 business schools across the UK and Europe. Co-organised by Imperial and LBS student clubs, the Healthcare Hackathon was a one-day business competition that allowed individuals who are passionate about healthcare to come together and solve real-world issues. This event laid the foundation for a strong collaboration between healthcare clubs across UK/ Europe business schools.

Participants were allocated into randomised groups, both online and in-person, and had around 3 hours to develop innovative solutions to promote healthy aging. 

Event Highlights:

  1. The club managed to secure a £1000 prize fund for the winning groups and has been one of the biggest and most engaging events run by a student club this year

  2. There were two masterclasses on Business Model Canvases and Pitching hosted by the Director of Imperial Enterprise Lab, Ben Mumby-Croft

  3. Teams presented their pitches to the panel of judges which included professionals from some of the top consulting firms in the industry and innovative healthcare companies, including L.E.K. Consulting, Lantum, Amgen, McKinsey & Company, Longevica, Genpact, and BCG

Students taking part in the Healthcare Hackathon
Students taking part in the Healthcare Hackathon

Ollie: Sounds like a fantastic event. We've said before how much we love these projects that bring together Business Schools from across the globe, it really enhances the experience for all involved. From taking part in all of these events and being a part of the committee that organises them, what have you gained from this experience?

Healthcare: Being a member of the club provides a unique opportunity to improve leadership, organisational and managerial skills. Further, the continuous synergetic collaboration between club executives, broadens each of our perspectives, not only in the healthcare field but also on overall team capabilities. With each new event, we learnt how to better organise events, take on new responsibilities and offer greater value to other members which in turn increases our motivation to improve the Business School community. Last but not least, being a member gives an unparalleled opportunity to connect and network with industry leaders!

Ollie: Excellent, I'm glad you've managed to get so much out of the experience. My last question, as always, is what would you say to a future student considering joining an IB Career Club?

Healthcare: Becoming a member of one of the IB Career clubs is joining the vibrant, diverse, and collaborative hub for individuals who want to embrace exciting opportunities, foster new relationships and contribute to the broader Imperial College Business School community. IB Careers clubs present a unique opportunity to improve knowledge about a particular professional industry or geographical region that students are interested in, meet new friends and connect with industry leaders

Follow the Healthcare Club on Instagram and LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information! You can contact them via ibhealthcareclub@imperial.ac.uk if you have any questions.

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