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I can honestly say, making the decision to apply for the Imperial MBA is one of the best I’ve ever made. These first two months have been intensive but have provided a lot of space for self-reflection and growth.

Here are three lessons I’ve learned so far while studying an Imperial MBA programme.

Find yourself a mentor and coach

As part of the Full-Time MBA, we are matched up with a Careers Consultant and also have the opportunity to connect with a mentor from a past cohort. My Consultant has helped me define my career goals and build a plan moving forward. She challenges me to think of my professional growth opportunities in a new way and further pursue my goals. 

My mentor completed his MBA as part of last year’s cohort and provides a unique perspective of how to get the most out of the programme. Both people have given me advice that has helped shaped how I tackle the programme for the rest of the year. 

Be open to new experiences

My world has grown since starting the on the Imperial MBA. I’ve found myself in a cohort of people from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and culturally. I learn something new from my classmates and their past experiences every day. I’ve also been pushed by my Careers Consultant to explore different post-MBA career paths, which has opened doors to jobs and potential opportunities I had never looked at before. This year is a chance to explore new paths and ways of thinking. 

Take time for self-reflection

A large part of the induction and early stages of the MBA has been self-reflection. We’ve examined our strengths, how we work in teams and our personal leadership styles. Sitting down and looking at the way that I work has changed the way I approach group work, class assignments and career decisions.

I know how to lean into my strengths and be aware of my weaknesses in order to get work done effectively and be a strong team member.  It can be hard to find time for this level of self-reflection in the working world, but the MBA programme has given me a platform to not only reflect, but also think through how I can use this knowledge and reflection in my everyday life.

Yes, the first two months have gone by quickly, they’ve been packed with workshops, classes, networking events and a lot of fun. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.

Carly Gerlach

About Carly Gerlach

Carly is currently a Full-Time MBA student. Prior to studying on the Imperial MBA she was working in Chicago at a market research company in sales and account management. Once she completes her MBA programme she hopes to move into the consumer goods industry and work in either marketing or global strategy.