Innovation is a key driver of firm competitive advantage and profitability of large corporations and other organisations. Yet the journey of innovative ideas from inception to implementation is often not straightforward. Our research focuses on how organisations make decisions during periods of uncertainty, how they manage the idea creation and evaluation process, and how they collaborate with other players through open innovation and other innovation approaches.


Decision making under uncertainty

Innovation is an intrinsically uncertain affair. Our research pays specific attention to leader-follower dynamics and the challenges firms face when they enter completely uncharted territory in the form of new product markets or new industries.

Generating and evaluating novelty

Novel ideas for new products, services or technologies in large corporations are often received with scepticism initially. They may even be discarded by risk-averse senior managers before these ideas have had a chance to develop. In this research theme, we investigate how organisations manage idea generation, selection and evaluation processes.

Open innovation and innovation ecosystems

The days of firms exclusively developing their innovations in-house have long gone. Our research looks into the strategic implications of open innovation and innovation ecosystems for value capture, and for the challenges these approaches to innovation raise for organisations and their employees.

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