The winners of the 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards


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The Teaching Excellence Awards are held each year to honour the exceptional work of Business School faculty and professional staff

The Teaching Excellence Awards are voted for by students and recognise the outstanding contributions made by faculty, teaching assistants and professional staff.

Read on to find out more about this year's winners.


Student Support as Teaching Assistant: Tong Yu

"Mr Yu is an inspiring teaching assistant and significantly influenced my mindset both inside and outside the classroom. During the class, he links theory to practice and provides relevant real-world examples.”

Students’ Excellence Award for Professional Staff: Katie Hill

“Katie always responds to her students very fast. She was very supportive especially during lockdown when online learning was difficult.”

Anu Wadhwa 11

Undergraduate Teaching: Dr Anu Wadhwa

“Dr Wadhwa was supportive, open to questions and giving help, very clearly passionate about teaching and eager to give direction to those who wanted to learn more. It was a pleasure to learn from her.”

Mohammadreza Skandari

PhD Supervision: Dr Reza Skandari

“Dr Skandari always has brilliant ideas for research and helped me with my research a lot. We had regular weekly meetings and... he cares about his students' mental health and provides support whenever necessary.”

Chris Tucci

Online Teaching: Professor Chris Tucci

“Professor Tucci was so engaging... his bubbly and happy nature puts me in such a great mood that I never missed one of his lectures. Always engaging, he talks about the most interesting topics (and even finds a way to bring the less interesting ones to life)."

MSc/MRes Core Module Teaching: James Eteen

“Just incredible energy in all lectures and always providing very relevant case studies for all examples provided in class. Absolutely excellent teaching quality. I was never bored and always felt engaged.”

Michael Wells

MBA Core Module Teaching: Michael Wells

“Mike has delivered high quality lectures with great engagement with the class. He introduced real life stories combined with the spirit of financial accounting to make future leaders aware of real world challenges.”

Richard Green

Innovation in Teaching: Professor Richard Green

“Outstanding use of Excel models to allow illustration of economic concepts. The professor's models allow manipulation of the environment which allows one to see the concepts in effect.”

Ying-Ying Hsieh

Inclusive Teaching: Dr Ying-Ying Hsieh

“Dr Hsieh constantly engaged everyone during class discussions by asking questions and setting up role play activities. This class gave me confidence to speak up without being afraid of having the wrong answer.”

Namrata Malhotra

Assessment Feedback: Dr Namrata Malhotra

“The most thorough assessment feedback I've ever seen. Very detailed, thought-provoking, always pushing us to think deeper, try harder, and keep growing.”