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Built for a technology-driven future

We have created a unique blend of teaching for executive participants which combines online preparation with in-class learning, creating the UK’s first blended Executive MBA programme.

Building on work from our highly skilled in-house Edtech Lab, this interactive and integrated approach to the Executive MBA offers you a higher level of flexibility over pace, timing, and location of study. Designed from the ground up to account for the busy and hectic schedules of senior executives, our Executive MBA ensures that students receive the best possible learning experience within these constraints. Our award-winning Edtech Lab and online tutors ensure that you are supported through your whole learning journey. 

We have developed a blended programme that harnesses the affordances of learning online and on-campus. The online material allows you to complete a significant portion of work flexibly – at your own pace, wherever you might be. Preparation completed online is then pulled into on-campus sessions, helping you make the most out of your time in class.

"I love working on The Hub. It allows me to follow my own progress and I’m helped through the activities with small videos, quizzes and tests. It’s optimal for me. If I just got a pile of text that I had to read between on-campus sessions, I think it would have been really difficult for me to get through them. The Executive MBA is tough, but the mixture of on-campus and online sessions fits in well with my busy life."
Executive MBA 2018-19
Susanne Juhl

Our blended approach to learning

Our Executive MBA programme harnesses the benefits of learning online and on-campus, which allows you to have lots of flexibility while still receiving a high-quality and high-touch learning experience.

Online preparation

  • Purpose built instructional videos recorded in our media studio
  • Interactive exercises and quizzes
  • Cases, readings and additional resources
  • Online discussions, guided by Faculty and teaching assistants

As an Executive MBA participant, you will complete approximately 24 hours of online material prior to each campus weekend. We have split each block of preparation into manageable chunks of up to one-hour. These interactive preparation sessions are available for you to complete at a time and pace which suits you.

During the online preparation sessions, you will also be supported by online teaching assistants. Throughout the online preparation blocks, there are discussion points which will be drawn upon during the in-class sessions, ensuring a direct connection between learning online and on campus.

On campus classes

  • Consolidate knowledge and understanding
  • Share your professional experience
  • Faculty challenge your ideas
  • Apply your knowledge to real-world cases

Having covered key concepts and theories within the online preparation blocks, your time on campus will focus on discussion and application. There are four on-campus classes per core module and you will be on campus approximately once a month in your first year. Like the other Executive MBA participants, you will bring your experiences in business to the classroom for an in-depth and stimulating learning session. With your fellow participants, online teaching assistants and professors, you will take a collaborative approach to the subject matter.

Apply your learning at work

  • Make a positive impact on work and society
  • Immediately work on career progression
  • Improve networking opportunities

We have split the core modules in your first year into four themes which allow you to apply learning from your programme into the workplace rapidly. By accessing course materials at any time and leveraging the diversity of experience within your cohort, you’ll come up with innovative ideas and solutions in your professional setting. The breadth of topics covered in your core modules will give you the confidence to make intelligent recommendations across business functions.

The Hub

Our bespoke learning environment, The Hub, houses and supports the Executive MBA learning experience. This platform was developed from the ground-up by our award-winning Edtech team, to ensure we could design and deliver a high-quality business education online. The Hub provides students with an interactive, engaging, and flexible learning environment which is accessible on any device, at any time.

Developing The Hub in-house has allowed us to create an online learning experience tailored for senior executives who have to balance high-pressure professional commitments alongside a rigorous academic programme.

Our platform provides a single source for all materials and communications related to your studies, making it quick and easy to manage your learning. It has many features which support our ambitions to provide a world-leading blended Executive MBA experience:

  • Programme and module updates through our activity feed, which highlight important news, events, and current affairs related to your modules

  • An intuitive user interface to keep track of your progress and important deadlines

  • 24/7 access to all programme materials, on any device

  • Notifications to ensure you don’t miss any critical updates

  • Collaborative exercises to build an online community

  • Messaging tools and discussion boards to connect you with your peers and tutors

  • An interactive video player with transcripts and speed controls