EMBA final project

Overcome a real business problem

One of the most important elements of leadership is the ability to create, propose and defend ideas that add value, solve problems or leverage untapped opportunities. A successful leader delivers credible and convincing proposals in order to have these ideas approved by the ultimate decision makers in the client organisation.

The individual Final Project is an opportunity to create value for your employer at the highest strategic level in a tangible and measurable way as a culmination of your learning experience. It requires you to approach a real problem or opportunity, analyse it and develop a recommended strategy and implementation plan, while applying some relevant concepts and frameworks from the Executive MBA programme. Ideally, a superior from your organisation will sponsor the project, in recognition of your potential to add value to your organisation.

This module will be completed in year two of the programme, and will help you to develop the skills necessary to maximise your chances of delivering and being recognised for adding value to your organisation.

The individual Final Project takes the form of a formal report of up to 15,000 words.

"My final project was based on digital transformation and how I’ve applied that at BT, and I put a proposal together which is under review by the company. What I really want to do now is pivot back into the digital realm, in a digital consultancy."
Executive MBA 2017-18