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Explore business in an international market

Businesses often operate at an international level and competition is certainly on a global scale. Studying the Executive MBA allows you to immerse yourself in this global business environment. During your time with Imperial College Business School, you will complete two residencies that will see you visiting top business schools worldwide.

Hong Kong: This is a one-week residency at a top business school in China. Its purpose is to enable students to appreciate what it takes to do business in China, to work with Chinese companies and to develop supply chains involving China. The module also provides a perspective on the modern-day role of China in the world and highlights the ways that China has now become an innovator, especially in consumer digital business. The Module involves lectures, company visits and group project work.

USA: The US continues to lead in technology-based entrepreneurship and this provides the focus of this residency, though we will also cover the US economy and 'doing business in the US'. The intention is to spend time both on the East Coast and on the West Coast.

These two residencies seek to provide a direct, experiential, international dimension to the EMBA programme. The choice of destinations reflects the fact that the US and China will almost certainly remain the two largest and most influential world economies.

As an integral part of your Executive MBA programme, these international trips offer a great opportunity to network with your cohort. These modules are all assessed by group projects and you will find yourself working alongside a culturally rich group of exceptional individuals from numerous industries.

"Our first global residency to China was amazing. The thing that’s been most incredible about it is that I’m interviewing at the moment and in every interview I’ve referenced the trip. I am able to speak so fluently on the impact China is having and will have on the global economy and future innovations."
Executive MBA 2018-19
Sally Taylor

Programme fees cover tuition, accommodation and some meals during the international modules. Students are responsible for payment and arrangement of your visa and flights to these destinations.