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Just as the business landscape is changing, so too is the job landscape. Careers in the future will not only be longer, but more varied, and businesses will change multiple times within the career of any one individual. While you can and should prepare for the here and now, the future you also needs to learn the skills to tackle and succeed in roles that don’t yet exist. 

As your career transforms, you need to be prepared with the capabilities and knowledge that will allow you to seamlessly move in and out of functions. Regardless of whether you’re targeting consulting or fintech, or have an entrepreneurial venture in your sights, Imperial College Business School Careers will provide you with the practice, insights, and exposure that you need to future-proof yourself.

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Do you understand your leadership style? Do you know the value of your brand? Do you need support in discovering the right career path? The Personal Leadership Journey will help you formulate your post-MBA career strategy and equip you with the skills and knowledge required to effectively market yourself for whatever opportunities you pursue. Additionally, this module will also support your leadership development and wider professional effectiveness, enabling you to identify your strengths and areas for development in terms of your leadership capability.

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You will benefit from one-to-one coaching that caters to your individual career needs. As an MBA student, you will be paired with a Career Consultant who you will work with during the year in what you need. This could include defining your job search strategy, CV and cover letter reviews, conducting mock interviews through to negotiating offers.

Your Consultant can also help you develop solutions for any leadership or personal development issues you may have. You may also choose to work with them on more self-reflection and self-awareness activities.

You will meet with your Consultant at least once per term, but many students opt to do so more regularly. Your Careers support does not end when you graduate, as you can continue to work with our Careers team as an alumnus and access a number of appointments per year, tailored around your needs.

Alumni regularly visit the Business School to talk about their experience through the Industry Panel Series. With more than 19,000 graduates from the Business School, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be shared. Talks have included the Future of Consulting, Importance of Innovation to Keep a Competitive Edge, Demystifying Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing.

As a new MBA student, you will also have the option to apply for mentorship from a recent MBA graduate. You will be paired with an alumnus based on the area of support you’re hoping to gain. A fantastic opportunity to start building your network early.

We offer a range of workshops that will help you develop the soft skills required to succeed and advance in your career such as:

  • Networking skills
  • Personal branding
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Elevator pitches for business ideas and yourself
  • Mock interviews and assessment centres preparation
  • Consulting interview techniques
  • Negotiating your salary package

Our Employer Relations team is responsible for building and developing relationships with top employers that our MBA students aspire to work for.

We work closely with a number of large employers such Unilever, EY, L.E.K. Consulting, Amazon, Credit Suisse, Kearney, Johnson & Johnson, and Microsoft, alongside small and medium sized firms and startups.

The team also proactively promotes the strengths and career aspirations of our students to potential employers, with the aim of increasing the number of advertised job vacancies and maximising the opportunities for students to meet companies on and off campus.

We host MBA specific company presentations and MBAs are often welcomed at Business School-wide employer presentations, so will have the opportunity to network with different companies, along with students from other programmes. MBAs also have the unique opportunity to attend events hosted by the Imperial College London Careers Service, including STEM focused fairs and business recruitment events, such as the Finance and Consulting Fair.

Our established partnerships with London-based and international organisations give you the opportunity to connect and network with some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world -an invaluable opportunity to meet employers before your interview.

New to the 2019-20 intake, Trek Week will give you the chance to visit companies across a range of sectors, including Finance, Advertising, FMCG, and Innovation. Visiting multiple companies over one week, you will be immersed in the day-to-day operations and will gain a first-hand insight into challenges the companies face, and the forward-thinking that allows them to be at the top of their respective industries. Trek Week is also a great opportunity to network with colleagues from the MBA portfolio and MSc programmes.

You will be able to continue your company immersion through International Treks. Visiting cities like Dublin and Amsterdam, you will understand how companies like Uber and Facebook operate in these markets, and how the decisions they make locally affect their businesses globally.

The Business School supports a number of student-led Career Clubs, which provide MBAs with extensive networking opportunities with students, alumni, and other professionals. These clubs are student-led, brought together by their interest in a specific sector or region. As a Career Club you are encouraged to create events and trainings that are specific your interests. You will also have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills should you choose to run for a President or VP role within the club.

The Business School has clubs aligned to the core industry sectors of Consulting, Energy & Sustainability, Finance, Healthcare, FMCG, Luxury & Retail, Social Impact, and Technology, Media & Telecommunications, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

We understand the importance of diversity in not just the boardroom, but at all levels of business. We encourage and aim to promote the visibility of underrepresented groups through our LGBTQ+ Business Club and Imperial College’s Women in Business Society.

As business has no borders, neither do our clubs. If you are looking to work in a new market or just want to expand your network, you can also join one of our five Regional Business Clubs, where you will be able to share your knowledge and learn from your peers who have experience in your region of interest.

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Students gain access to our online tools, in addition to The Hub and Symplicity, which contain a range of resources to support you throughout your career planning and job application process, including links to practice online tests and a bank of interview questions. Popular resources include VMock, Hoover, Vault, Workmaze, and Wall Street Prep.

On average, we see 45% of Full-Time MBA students changing job location, so we know that your career strategy will be global. We work with a network of global employers in key regional hubs as well as across the UK.  Our extensive online resources support students seeking international opportunities. For example, to get a better understanding of the international recruitment market, you have free access to GoingGlobal, which features many country profiles. We also host workshops designed for international students wishing to work in the UK after graduation.

We will provide guidance for those looking to take advantage of the post-study work visa, to be introduced in 2020-21, which will allow MBA graduates to remain in the UK for employment for two years following their programme completion.

Personalised support

You might be looking to progress within your industry. Or perhaps you are seeking a new challenge, but don’t know what form that will take? Whatever your aim, Careers take an active approach in your recruitment journey and help you achieve your goals. You are prepared for success through a range of hands-on support activities, including:

  • Job search strategy
  • Application and interview techniques
  • One-to-one consultations with a dedicated Career Consultant.

Before the programme

Our intimate and diverse class means our attention is on you and caters to your individual needs. And this attention starts even before the programme, via online modules and one-to-ones with any available member of the team. You can gain access to our online Careers primer in May, which includes sessions on identifying your career goals, defining your career motivators, developing your career strategy, how to market yourself, and a CV enhancement process.

Your Careers Consultant

When you join Imperial, you will be assigned a Careers Consultant who helps you explore your career strategy and understand what options are available, and how the Business School’s resources can help.

External experts

With the guidance of external experts, you will receive help with skills including public speaking and developing your personal brand. Also supporting your career journey is our team of sector specialists who use their expertise across a range of industries to help you understand how you can leverage your background to achieve your aims. Our careers consulting team has extensive experience across both higher education and industry. We know where you’re coming from and how to help you get to where you want to go.

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"Meeting my Career Consultant regularly, preparing my CV mock, doing the behavioural strengthscope and trying to understand my strengths and emotional intelligence level, going to workshops on my personal brand, were all super useful aspects of the Personal Leadership Journey and the Imperial College Business School Careers offering."
Full-Time MBA 2018-19
Anirudh Dastidar