A formative week to kickstart your Careers journey at Imperial

Careers Week usually happens in the break between core modules and enables you to focus on your career goals.

The week involves a series of workshops and activities to enable you to crystallise your career strategy, sharpen your applications and interview technique and further develop your professional skills, allowing you to accelerate progress towards your career aims.

For our 2017-18 cohort, Careers Week involved:
  • Dedicated sessions tailored to post-MBA career goals
  • Interview skills practice and feedback
  • An application surgery session, giving the opportunity for feedback on a “live” application
  • An Entrepreneurship Master class
  • Networking and Pitching workshops
  • A two-day Development Centre with roleplay activities, group exercises and ending in a pitch presentation
We had the privilege of spending a full day with three experienced entrepreneurs, including the Founder and Director of London-based room sharing platform roomfortea, Milena Bottero. Milena was inspiring. She walked us through the entrepreneurial process of starting a small business, including “the good, the bad, and the ugly” aspects of entrepreneurship.
Andrew DeBake
Full-Time MBA 2017-18
Andrew DeBake