Studying the Full-Time MBA will enable you to increase your value and improve your chances of achieving your career goals, whether that means a change of location, function or sector, or even starting your own business.

This report covers the Full-Time MBA cohort of 2019-20, which is our most recently graduated class.

Please note all figures refer to graduates who were seeking employment and shared employment data with us.

Administrative label
Employment status FTMBA

Employment status

employed within six months
changed location for a new role
accepted a job offer in a new sector
employed in the UK
I wanted to get an MBA because I was looking to pivot my career. I’ve always been interested in retail, and specifically, sustainable womenswear. Imperial College Business School was the perfect fit because as a primarily STEM institution, I knew I would be able to use most of my technical background in a business setting.
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Olivia Xu, 2020 Forte Fellow
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Employment by sector

Employment by sector

Finance: 30%
Technology: 22%
Consulting: 20%
Other: 15%
Energy: 8%
Consumer packaged goods: 5%
My careers consultant was a great personal mentor in encouraging me, making great suggestions, challenging my decisions and sense checking my MBA plan. I was also fortunate enough to be part of the Imperial Enterprise Lab Discovery Fund programme which has helped me with regards to customer discovery, business modelling and has greatly expanded my network.
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Jayshan Ratnakumar, Full-Time MBA 2020-21
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Location chart FTMBA

Location of post-MBA role

The industry-specific events run by Careers helped me understand what type of jobs are open to someone with my skillset and which companies hire MBA graduates. In the first months of my MBA, my Career Consultant really helped me to hone into what it is that I want to do, and I’ve been lucky enough to already have a job offer for a well renowned MBA graduate programme. I never thought I’d have a job offer this early, but it means I can now focus on other things like entrepreneurial ventures for the rest of the year.
Full-Time MBA 2020-21
Aoife Considine, 2020 Forte Fellow

Employers and roles

Our Full-Time MBA students have gained employment at a wide range of companies, including:

Amazon Accenture Alibaba
Bluecap Management Consulting CITIC Securities DiDI Chuxing 99
EY Far Eastern Bank General Mills
Hydroneo Planera



Example roles that our Full-Time MBA students have secured include:

Associate Manager Development Manager Director of Technology
Director of Business Development Head of Production Innovations Manager
Investment Manager Marketing and Business Development Manager Senior Product Manager