Personal Leadership Journey

Maximise your leadership potential

The Personal Leadership Journey will identify your own individual strengths and areas for development in terms of your leadership capability and professional effectiveness.

It prepares you for marketing yourself effectively when interviewing with prospective employers, networking with senior alumni who influence hiring decisions and building your own networks through your projects and internships.

As an entrepreneur or someone with a family business background it enables you to develop your personal presence to achieve your business objectives.

You will work with your own personal careers consultant, enabling you to take charge of your development path so that when you graduate, you are prepared for success in the next stage of your career and beyond. You will address your professional development areas through a range of activities including workshops, reflective exercises and one-to-one meetings.

The Personal Leadership Journey emphasises three main and interconnected elements


Comprising a range of psychometric assessments and reflective exercises specifically designed to identify your strengths as an individual and a team member, as well as areas for development in terms of your leadership capability and wider professional effectiveness. You will be supported by trained coaches who will facilitate personal reflection and feedback.

Professional development

The feedback from your reflective exercises will form the basis of your Personal Development. We offer a range of workshops that, with support from your careers consultant, will help you address the development needs identified.

Careers strategy

This will provide a clear foundation on which to formulate your individual career path, whether you’re looking to change career, accelerate your current trajectory or pursue entrepreneurial or family business interests. We will help you to achieve your career, personal and leadership objectives for the duration of your MBA and beyond.

The Personal Leadership Journey has been pivotal in increasing my self-awareness, which I believe is the foundation for your career development. As part of the Personal Leadership Journey you complete key exercises such as the ‘Interview a Leader’ assignment. This gives you a great excuse to contact top leaders in industries that you’re interested in.
Alexander Rodriguez-Melo
Full-Time MBA 2015-16
Alexander Melo