FTMBA Flexcore & Specialisms

Our optional specialisations allow you to hone in on one area of interest and signal to employers your particular area of expertise. Depending on your chosen career path or company, a specialisation could give you the edge in a competitive job market.

Lead: Dr. Gah-Yi Ban

Discover the latest thinking and techniques in the field of business analytics. As organisations possess and collect more and more data, it has become increasingly important for executives to be literate in state-of-the-art techniques for data collection, analysis and visualisation. In addition, data offers major opportunities for strategy-making and new product design.

Lead: Prof. Chris Tucci

This specialisation is designed for those seeking roles in technology companies as well as any organisations engaged in digital transformation of their products, services, and processes. Elective options range from AI ventures and digital business model design and digital transformation.

Lead: Prof. Markus Perkmann

This specialisation is designed for those who want to innovate and launch products from within existing corporations, found their own ventures or join a high-growth firm. Your elective options include design thinking, entrepreneurial finance and completing a start-up project as part of the Entrepreneurial Journey module.

Take advantage of the Imperial Enterprise Lab throughout your MBA.

Lead: Prof Eduardo Andrade

This specialisation offers a deep dive into the mindset, knowledge, and skills for leading and transforming organisations towards greater sustainability and stakeholder impact. You may take this specialisation if you are aiming for one of the growing number of specialist roles that corporations, consultancies, NGOs and governments offer in this area.

Electives include sustainable strategy, ESG-related finance, sustainable and social innovation, sustainable consumption, and energy business.

Lead: Prof. Andrea Buraschi

If you are looking to work in financial services, corporate finance or fintech, take the finance specialisation. Electives include asset management, private equity, entrepreneurial finance, sustainable/ESG finance and fintech, among others.

You will be able to take part in the Finance Lab, offering key connections with finance employers, access to the Finance Department’s industry centres, and activities delivering practical insights, projects and case studies.