The Global Online MBA programme will enable you to increase your value and improve your chances of achieving your career goals, whether that means a change of location, function or sector, or even starting your own business.

Employment data is based on employment activity of the Global Online MBA class of 2020 within four months of graduation.

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Employment status GMBA

Employment status

average salary increase (in UK £)*
changed roles*
changed sector*
Imperial has helped me sharpen my understanding of business in general, as well as the dynamics around corporate culture and leadership. Furthermore, the career development resources provided by Imperial have been highly valuable in helping me form a clearer vision of my potential path.
Global Online MBA 2019-21
Dan Haller, Global Online MBA 2019-21, student at Imperial College Business School
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Employment by sector

Employment by sector

Oil & Gas: 22%
Finance: 18%
IT/Tech/Telecoms: 12%
Healthcare: 11%
Engineering/Construction/Manufacturing: 10%
Consulting: 10%
Government/Education/Non-profit: 5%
Energy - other: 4%
Transportation & Logistics: 3%
Other: 3%
FMCG/Luxury Goods/Retail: 2%
What I have come to realise is that by pursuing this programme I have opened possibilities on a global level. Since completing the programme, I am re-evaluating my career and feel confident that with my years and diversity of experience I can leverage the programme towards pursuing a private sector C-suite career.
Global Online MBA 2019
Candice Gray-Bernard
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Location of post-MBA role

Location of post-MBA role

The programme has given me the foundation and credibility to discuss business strategy with my colleagues and superiors. It has also provided me with a stepping stone to advance and transition into a different field in my career.
Global Online MBA 2019-21
Supatra Lee

*Change is based on individuals who had recorded their status as in employment. It does not include own business or family business. Salary uplift calculated looking at those who were employed both pre- and post-MBA.

Data held on 86% of the cohort. Figures based on the data available on students seeking employment pre-MBA and those who secured an offer within four months of graduation. All figures (unless stated) are rounded to the nearest whole percentage.