Constantino Christoyannis Global Online MBA student

Programme: Global Online MBA

Nationality: Italian

Education: BA Law, University of Perugia and MSc Management, Luiss Guido Carli University

Role: Sustainability & Shared Value External Consultant, Grant Thornton Consultants

My professional background

After completing my Master’s Degree in Law I was appointed Consul of Greece in Perugia at the age of 25. However, I decided to pursue my duties as a Diplomat alongside my career as an Attorney at Law and Sustainability Consultant.

The achievement I am most proud of to date  was being appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Thessaloniki Port Authority in 2018 during the delicate privatisation operation of the harbour. Reaching such a leading role was, given the strategic result I needed to obtain, a great professional and personal opportunity to grow.

Choosing to study the Global Online MBA at Imperial

I was attracted by the structure of the Global Online MBA programme, as it allowed me to simultaneously study and continue working. The programme stood out due to the international environment I knew I would encounter, as well as the superb ranking that both Imperial and the Global Online MBA has.

The programme: the perfect balance of theory and application

Managerial Economics and Marketing Management are the two core modules I have enjoyed the most. Managerial Economics allowed me review theory I had already studied together with learning some new learnings that I was able to apply daily at work. Marketing Management was my very first scientific approach to marketing, the classes had the perfect balance between theory and case studies. Studying theory together with practical examples is a very different approach to what I was used to when previously studying. It is a learning method that helped me change the way I solve daily issues in my everyday working life.

Online study: access to resources anytime, anywhere

Online learning was by far the aspect that I was worried the most about when applying to the Global Online MBA.  I must admit that sometimes it is tough to balance work and studying. However, I find the online learning platform, The Hub, extremely intuitive and, having a role that requires travelling a lot especially by plane, the possibility of downloading the lessons is the feature I appreciate the most.

Work-life balance: find out what works for you

Balancing an MBA with your personal life is tough, but after an initial period everyone finds the most efficient method that works for them. Personally, I used to study on the weekend and in the evening. However, I now have been able to advance in the programme with some daily studying and more heavy-duty sessions over the weekend.

Overall, the most rewarding part of the programme is the daily need to balance work, studies, personal life and the high standards set by such a positively challenging cohort.

An incredible cohort

In one word, I would describe my cohort as ‘incredible’! I could not imagine I would meet so many professionals working in such wide range of businesses worldwide. After meeting them during the induction week and studying with them throughout the course of the programme, I am sure we will have a long-lasting friendship.

Studying with my syndicate group has been a great opportunity to learn directly from my fellow students and compare my ideas and approach with those of people with a very different cultural, academic and professional background.

Maintaining high expectations from the Business School faculty

The most challenging part of the programme has been keeping up with the high standards of the class and the expectation that professors have, but this has also been extremely rewarding. The Business School faculty challenges you but in return offers insightful paths for individual growth.

My career aspirations

I am now focusing on my career in sustainability and as a shared value consultant. I would like to develop my position and responsibilities in this industry. To support my career development, I have been in contact with my Careers Consultant from the very beginning of the programme. I have benefited from learning tips and advice that helped me tailor my CV and improve my soft skills.

On a personal level, I have learned that life is a sequence of opportunities and that most of them are unpredictable. For this reason, I don’t know concretely how I will use my Global Online MBA, but I know for sure that the network I am building will be a consistent part of my future activities.

Advice to future students: just go for it!

If I were talking to a prospective student about the applying for the programme, I would say absolutely go for it! Studying the Global Online MBA at Imperial is great opportunity.

Programme: Global Online MBA

Nationality: Italian

Education: BA Law, University of Perugia and MSc Management, Luiss Guido Carli University

Role: Sustainability & Shared Value External Consultant, Grant Thornton Consultants

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