Elliot Krohn
Global Online MBA 2018-20

Professional background

I started my career within the automotive industry, working for BMW during my studies and afterwards for Voith where I wrote my thesis. Thereafter I decided to work for Deutsche Telekom focusing on mathematical modelling. In 2012 I consciously made the decision to start my career in the oil and gas industry as a graduate within Royal Dutch Shell. It allowed me to work in Germany, the Netherlands and now in Nigeria as a Process Control Engineer.

My current role as a Process Control Engineer for a LNG facility has the main aim to automate the operating facilities through model predictive control applications.

My proudest achievement in business is the creation of an automated catalyst activation sequence which is now used within a large number of operating facilities, thereby minimising the risk during the chemical process of cat activation.

My proudest achievement in life is getting to my current position in life from actually being homeless at some point.


Choosing Imperial and the Global Online MBA

I decided to study an MBA as my career has been purely engineering focused over the past years and I would like to develop my range of expertise. My aim is to accelerate my career and commercialising my technical experience within my organisation.

I am currently based at a remote location which complicates the travel in and out of the country. Imperial’s Global Online MBA provides a well-rounded programme with an innovative platform, which allows me to study at my own pace from anywhere in the world, which is why I chose to study the Global Online MBA at Imperial. Apart from that I chose Imperial as it is a unique, renowned university that is well-known across the globe with a high number of experts in different fields. Having access to these experts and the network attached in order to solve real life problems is quite unique.


Experiences of the Global Online MBA so far

What I’ve learned from the programme is how to collaborate with a cohort of approximately 90 people of at least 34 nationalities. This is the experience of a lifetime. It helps me understand and empathise more than I ever did. It helps to actively address unconscious bias, which I never knew existed.

The most challenging part is the vast amount of information and useful materials and finding the time to learn it all. The Global Online MBA is an MBA that needs to be earned.

The Hub is the most unique feature of the Global Online MBA. The platform that is provided to study the material is unprecedented. I have experienced my share of online learning platforms, but The Hub is one of a kind.


Juggling the work-life balance

I currently juggle my work-life balance by sticking to a daily routine with room for spontaneous decisions/situations. This enables me to stay focused and get through the vast amount of information and material. My favourite place to study is usually at home. I tend to download material onto my iPad in case I have long distances to travel.


A highly professional cohort

We all met during the on-campus Induction Week, which is an experience I wouldn’t recommend anyone miss. It gives you the opportunity to get to know the people you will be spending two years of your life with, establish connections and build on them over the next two years. I would consider my cohort to be highly professional. They are committed to helping each other and ensuring that everyone has the same level of information. If I would have to describe it as an organisation, I would probably say the US Marines – no man left behind. We use a vast amount of tools such as WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype and that allows us to keep in touch. There are also different sections on The Hub that allow you to search and contact your network within the programme. The Hub is also used to inform you of specific networking events to further build your network.


The impact of the Global Online MBA on career goals

Even though I am still undertaking my MBA, I have already started seeing ways and means of how to tackle obstacles in a different way. I have already been approached several times, indicating that my MBA is “shining through”.


Advice for prospective students

Go for it and strive for it – it will pay off. The Imperial Global Online MBA will provide you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace via a remarkable online platform.

Global Online MBA
Undergraduate education :

Production and Automation, University of Applied Sciences Munich

Job prior to Imperial College Business School :

Process Control Engineer at Royal Dutch Shell (currently seconded to LNG joint venture in Nigeria – NLNG)