Explore business in an international market

A highlight of the programme for many, the Global Experience Week is a unique hands-on learning experience. Together with the rest of the cohort, you will travel to another country for an intensive week-long trip to explore a new culture and business in an international context.

You will get to see multiple companies and cultural experiences and learn about different sectors, from marketing to finance to the entrepreneurship scene. You will learn more about international business from top executives in today’s hugely exciting global economy and attend seminars on local culture and business, all within a week.

Imperial’s international connections

The diversity of Imperial’s international connections means you will have chance to visit a mix of top local companies, western companies doing business in the area, and smaller names involved in some really interesting projects. This intensive exploration of a country’s business practices and challenges using company visits is an ideal way to learn through practical case studies.

The Global Experience Week is a great opportunity to continue building your global network and reinforce the strong connections within your cohort. During the visit, you will also have the opportunity to engage with alumni in the area, both from the Business School and the wider Imperial College London community.

The 2016-17 class travelled to Vietnam for their Global Experience Week. The 2015-16 class went to China and visited companies as diverse as Ford, advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, as well as visiting a local migrant school.

Please note this is an additional cost and an optional element for Global Online MBA students*

The connection with my cohort, access to learning resources and the access to business leaders allows you to build a global network. We met some of these business leaders during Induction Week, we were encouraged to contact them, and some of us did. I think the opportunities to construct a global network will increase as we go. Coming to London and the Global Experience Week will open so many learning and professional opportunities.
Asma Aejaz
Global Online MBA 2017-19
Asma Aejaz