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MSc Business Analytics prepares graduates for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making. You will learn how to apply the latest academic thinking and analytical and computing tools to help make business decisions, from leading practitioners and world-class faculty. Imperial College London is consistently ranked in the top 10 universities globally, recognised as a world leader in the study and analysis of data.

Although grounded in rigorous technical and quantitative training, our programme is also highly applied. Electives and projects are sector-focussed, giving you the opportunity to tailor the programme to your interests.

Available in two study modes, this programme is available as a one year, full-time programme, studied at our campus in London, or as a part-time, two-year online programme, studied from anywhere in the world alongside your career.

Teaching during the coronavirus pandemic

Students currently studying the programme are doing so using our multi-mode teaching format, a unique blend of on-campus and online teaching that enables an interactive learning environment for all students. Find out more about multi-mode.

Programme structure


Before starting the programme, you will complete online pre-study modules, to give you introductory knowledge of areas that will be covered throughout the programme. You will then develop your analytical skills with core modules covering topics such as Network Analytics and Visualisation.

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Customise your degree to meet your personal career ambitions by completing electives.

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The programme culminates with a choice of projects from a Consulting Project (Business Analytics on-campus), Work Placement/Work-Based project, or Individual Research Project, before completing your studies with the Business Analytics Report.

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Candidates that fail to successfully complete this degree are not entitled to a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.

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MSc Business Analytics CTA 2
Data is at the centre of everything we do and knowing the language of data is an imperative skill to have in order to keep up with emerging trends in any domain. MSc Business Analytics provides the necessary skills in data analytics and its applications required to solve complex business problems.
MSc Business Analytics 2021
Mohammed Ghebache MSc Business Analytics (online, part-time)