A practically focused online degree, designed to create data analysts of the future

Our two year, part-time MSc Business Analytics (online delivery, part-time) is modelled on our full-time on-campus programme with an almost exact replica of the curriculum.  It allows you to graduate with the same programme certificate, without interrupting your career.

Online delivery

We have carefully designed this programme for online delivery via The Hub, our bespoke learning environment, ensuring students receive a high-quality and supportive experience which is comparable to our on-campus programmes. You will be assessed through exams, individual coursework and group work. Case studies and group activities will be used to strengthen your conceptual, analytical and problem-solving skills.


First year

You will complete your core modules, which provide the mathematical and computational foundations of analytics in the first year of your programme. There are two on-campus periods in your first year where you will need to be in London for coding bootcamps, revision and exams.

Second year

In your second year, you will focus on the application of the knowledge and skills learned in year one to real-world verticals such as healthcare, logistics and supply chain, finance or functional areas such as marketing, digital and human resources.

You will be expected to complete 10 to 15 hours of study a week. The number of hours may vary depending on your assignment deadlines, quizzes and exams.

  Year one             Year two      
  Jul-Sep Oct-Nov Dec Jan-Mar Apr-May Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Feb-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Aug
Pre-study modules                      
Core modules                      
Elective modules                      
Campus elements                      

Timetables and course outlines are subject to change. Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter the timetable when required.

Online learning

"The biggest benefit of studying part-time and online is definitely the flexibility, which allows students like myself, who are full-time employees and live outside of the UK to have the opportunity to study the programme when they otherwise might not. Such flexibility also allows me to balance work, life, and study much better as I can decide when and where to complete the weekly material."
MSc Business Analytics 2021
Lujing Shen, MSc Business Analytics 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School