MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management attracts future business founders and innovators from around the world, who use the programme to either bring their startup ideas to life during their time at Imperial, or develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the years that follow.

Businesses started by alumni and current students of the programme include startups in areas such as fintech, sustainability, and consumer goods, and individuals who’ve gone to become leaders in their field thanks to the opportunities fostered during their time on the programme. Discover some of our student and founder startups.

Yin Noe

Yin Noe, class of 2018

Founder of Savium

Savium is building an automated spend management software to help millions of SMEs monitor, analyse and save their costs.

"My biggest takeaway from the programme is how to build a startup. Imperial, hands down, has the best entrepreneurial university environment in the UK. The programme (especially modules like Entrepreneurship by Dr Dmitry Sharapov and OBHRM by Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi) combined with being surrounded by a vast number of like-minded entrepreneurs and the track record of successful Imperial startups, pushed me to start my own business. My biggest entrepreneurial idol is my father. He had been a medical doctor for decades but always had a passion to start a business in different industries. He took a big risk leaving the field and since then, he has run many successful startups."

Shawn Du IEM 2019

Shawn Du, class of 2019

Founder of Revenir

Revenir is a FinTech Amax alternative that offers fast, easy VAT return for travellers.

"My biggest takeaway from the programme is that it's easier now than ever to become an entrepreneur. I'd say my biggest entrepreneurial inspiration is my team! And also Nathan Blecharczyk."

Lakshmi Settipalli IEM alumni founders

Lakshmi Settipalli, class of 2020

Founder of Healthcloudd

A marketplace platform that directly connects care providers (nurses & caregivers) to the receivers of elderly care (residential and at home) through proprietary computational behavioral, decision sciences, algorithms and mechanism design into a full ecosystem.

"My biggest takeaway from the programme was learning that innovation is an iterative process. It takes courage, adaptability, and immense commitment to deliver a solution that impacts the lives of millions around the globe. I often find myself deeply inspired by unconventional entrepreneurs and those who are willing to have the courage to make a difference regardless of the circumstances.

Angus Hyams IEM Founders alumni

Angus Hyams, class of 2019

Co-founder of Omnihouse

Omnihouse makes the property rental journey simple for Landlords, Tenants, and Vendors, by providing the necessary tools and knowledge for them to complete the rental cycle seamlessly and efficiently.

"The programme was very comprehensive so I've taken many lessons away. The most relevant and what I try to remind myself each day is to not assume anything and aim to remove all entrepreneurial bias. It's easy to assume and jump to conclusions - which will come back to bite you later down the line.

I don't think I could pick just one idol of mine... Steve Jobs for bringing simplicity and great design to an extremely complex industry. The IDEO founders, David Kelley, Bill Moggridge and Mike Nuttall, for popularising Design Thinking. Yvon Chouinard for his commitment to being environmentally conscious throughout his business. Daniel Ek for bringing his Swedish roots of balance to the workplace."

Edouard Bessire IEM 2016

Edouard Bessire, class of 2016

Co-founder of Crypotgraph and MyNFT

Cryptograph is a digital publishing and auction platform to sell digital artwork and collectibles by artists and icons, which raise funds for charity.

MyNFT is a creative workshop, a trading platform and a discovery engine, helping you tell your story and share your passions, on your own terms and using blockchain technology. We are building the internet of tomorrow: an internet based on value, ownership and freedom.

"Imperial really changed my perspective of the world, and I learned as much from my fellow classmates as I did from my teachers. True entrepreneurship cannot really be taught, you really have to experience it yourself and make the mistakes to learn. I also think it is better to have values than role models, I don't particularly look up to specific people, but rather try to become who I aspire to be and have fun. The most important thing for an entrepreneur in my opinion is persistence: 100% of the people who succeeded did not give up."

Leon Piclet IEM 2021

Léon Piclet, class of 2021

Co-founder of Consciously Aware

Consciously Aware is developing an IoT device capable of collecting chemical information from organic waste and provide insights to help waste services differentiate safe valuable organics from contaminated ones.

"Never underestimate the network around you, Imperial’s networking experience is crazy. On this programme, I’ve met some of the most brilliant minds and learned about industries I didn’t even know existed. You will meet people from the four corners of the world, different cultures and passions with always one thing in common: innovation. It may sound cliché but a big inspiration for me is my father. He was a sports teacher at university with no degree and founded at 28, a MedTech startup that now operates in more than 35 countries. He used to tell me an A. Einstein quote growing up: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”

Rima Suppan, IEM 2021

Rima Suppan, class of 2021

Founder of Cleannest

We’re on a mission to end nappy waste. Cleannest supports families of all shapes and sizes with our hassle-free, skin-friendly nappies and our peace-of-mind waste management solutions. Our vision is to become the most trusted and sustainable D2C nappy company in the world.

My biggest takeaway from the programme is that entrepreneurship is a combination of hard work, dedication and a good portion of luck and the right timing. Even more, building a venture is about trust in your own skillset, getting your hands dirty as well as continuously learning and growing. My biggest inspirations are Steve Jobs for having been an outstanding visionary and creative genius, Sheryl Sandberg for empowering females to raise their voices and "take a seat at the table“, and my own mum, a successful entrepreneur and the person that never stopped encouraging me to dream big and believe in myself."

Anthony Debrant IEM 2021

Anthony Debrant, class of 2021

Founder & CEO of Sneakmart

Sneakmart is the first community-driven Streetwear marketplace. Sneakmart is available on the app stores as a community-driven marketplace for the next generation to buy, sell and connect about streetwear and sneakers.

"My biggest lesson from the programme is that entrepreneurship isn't a quality you're born with, it's a mindset - a mindset you can create by learning on such a programme and by doing things even if you fail at first. My entrepreneurial inspiration may sound a bit cliché but it is Elon Musk. Beyond the success he had with Paypal, then Tesla, Space X, he shows us all that no idea is crazy and that with hard work and good execution you can do wonders.”

Nele Wessels, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School

Nele Wessels, class of 2021

Founder of Skinutri

Skinutri is the world’s first platform for a skin-friendly lifestyle taking a wholesome approach on the topic of skincare.

"The most important takeaway from the programme would be to stay resilient despite the workload and proactively approach opportunities. A one-year master's can be tough, especially when you try to align a startup, various extra-curricular roles, and your personal life on the side. The great diversity of the cohort, as well as the alumni of the Business School, can really make a difference towards your dreams and ideas, but you have to be proactive and keep chasing opportunities.

If I should name one entrepreneur who inspired me to found my own business it would be Olivia Wollenberg of the consumer goods brand "Livia’s“. She started her company out of a personal problem as she couldn’t find any snacks that would suit her food intolerances. What I admire about her is that she founded the startup out of her own problem, which I believe truly makes a difference in terms of perseverance of an entrepreneur for him/herself as well as maintaining authenticity regarding customers."

"The Entrepreneurship modules mean that you have the flexibility to come up with and tackle your own problems, which is extremely inspiring and rewarding. I have also loved meeting the diverse range of people on the programme"
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2019-20
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