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Tailor your learning with electives

Electives are your opportunity to truly shape the programme to your own ambitions. You will choose one elective from the list below, giving you the opportunity to advance your knowledge and expertise across the areas that will benefit your career.

Electives are shared across programmes, giving you the opportunity to expand your network and learn from those with different expertise, experience, and perspectives. A peer-to-peer learning opportunity, electives are cited as a rewarding experience by students across all programmes.

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MSc IHM - Electives

Key electives

This one week block module is designed to help current and emerging leaders and owners of family business understand the special challenges of Family Enterprises and manage the strategic and personal challenges that are ever present in this form of business entity. Through a series of lectures, case studies, activities, interactive presentations and discussions with a number of visiting family business owners sharing their experiences, you will have a rich experience in understanding the “how to” and the “how not to” of Family Enterprise.

Students will embark on an intensive exploration of a country's healthcare management practices, challenges and cultures. The tour will consist of a number of site visits to local universities, hospitals and healthcare organisations, as well as panel discussions, cultural activities, and the opportunity to network with a local higher education institution and/or healthcare management professionals where possible. Please note, this module requires you to pay additional costs.

*Subject to Covid-19 travel restrictions

This module explores the brave new world of social innovation and how businesses can tackle social problems through social innovation. While achieving business success and creating social welfare have often been seen as oppositional, a new generation is challenging this by trying to use business as a force for good. These social innovators tackle social problems in two main ways: by becoming social entrepreneurs who lead social enterprises (businesses that seek to fulfill a social mission), or by becoming social intrapreneurs who seek to achieve social change within the for-profit firms that employ them. Through this module you will be equipped with the tools to become a social innovator.

Success in both entrepreneurship and innovation depends on the successful execution at project level. This module will focus on the processes of project selection, assessing and managing project teams, stage gate processes and project evaluation.

"I love how diverse our programme’s cohort is, not just in terms of ethnicity but also in terms of expertise. This year, we represent over 30 different nationalities and hold myriad undergraduate degrees encompassing the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, and business. Meeting like-minded individuals who come from an array of global cultures with unique professional experiences is an unparalleled highlight of the programme. It allows for immense learning and personal growth by exposing you to different perspectives and enabling you to explore idiosyncratic approaches to work."
MSc International Health Management

Electives available and module outlines are subject to change. Imperial College Business School reserves the right to alter modules whenever they need to be amended or improved.