MSc Management 2017

Studying MSc Management

Why did you choose to study your programme and why specifically at Imperial College Business School?

I chose to study at Imperial College Business School because of its world-class reputation and its strong relationship with some of the most prestigious companies and start-ups in the world, which can help students to stand out in the job market.

I chose the MSc Management programme in particular as it has the perfect balance between academic, professional and social opportunities. It offers a great student experience while providing countless resources and opportunities to help students achieve their professional ambitions.

What was the most important thing/learning point you took with you from the Business School?

I learned that building a fulfilling and successful career is not a one-off achievement but a long journey that requires many small steps to build the skills, abilities and vision that will empower us to achieve our goals – and studying at a world-class university like Imperial can make a huge difference to one’s professional journey.

What advice would you give to a prospective student considering studying the same programme as you?

Talk to alumni and current students to learn from their unique experiences and reach out to the staff at Imperial College Business School for support and advice!

How do you view your experience of studying at Imperial since you left?

Since leaving the Business School I have realised the on-going impact that the Imperial brand and the programme have made in my professional journey. They have opened many doors and has exposed me to a breadth of opportunities.  I also see the huge benefit of being part of the alumni community, which provides connections and opportunities way beyond the programme.

How did you find living in London?

London is a great place to study and to start a career. The city offers a vast number of opportunities to network and connect with leading companies and start-ups. It provides students with countless employer events, competitions, entrepreneurial opportunities and much more!

How has the programme changed you?

It has made me clearer and more confident about my professional and personal goals – even if they are ambitious.

Your career

How was your career transformed following your programme?

Attending the programme has allowed me to connect with some of the best companies and start-ups in the world and to stand out in the job market when applying for jobs in consulting and in start-ups. I had received three job offers for graduate analyst positions at leading consulting firms in London, and I joined the Strategy Consulting and M&A team at EY-Parthenon in September 2017.

What did you take away from your learning experience that has been most applicable to your current role?

The business acumen and quantitative skills have been very useful in my day-to-day job as an Associate Consultant, but the biggest value has come from the interpersonal skills developed on the programme.

 What do you enjoy most about your current work and what are the main challenges that you face?

Since joining EY-Parthenon, I have benefitted from a steep learning curve across business sectors and work streams. I have enjoyed the diversity of work and responsibilities that I have been exposed to in Strategy Consulting and M&A – which have allowed me to progress in my professional journey.

Alumni community

In what way is remaining connected to your alumni network important to you?

It provides me with on-going new connections and professional opportunities.

What value do you get out of your connections with the Business School and your fellow alumni?

Friendship, support, networking opportunities and on-going new career options.

Have you volunteered at the Business School since you graduated?

I took part in a panel discussion about ‘Women in Consulting’ earlier this year. I have also assisted and advised students with their career choices and application process. I am motivated to volunteer my time and to give back to the Imperial community because of the immense value that I got from my time there.

MSc Management
Undergraduate education :

BSc Architecture at UCL

Job after Imperial College Business School :

Associate in Strategy Consulting, Parthenon-EY (London)

Job after studying at Imperial College Business School :

Associate Consultant in Strategy and M&A, EY-Parthenon, London