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In September, we greeted 761 students to our Management Master’s suite. This class is embarking on an exciting journey, poised to cultivate the skills necessary to excel as future business leaders and have careers in prominent global organisations. 

The Business School offers a range of Management Master's programmes: 

Our Management Masters' programmes  inspire and cultivate innovative minds, shaping them into the future leaders of the global business environment. These programmes are a blend of academic rigor and practical expertise, all highly relevant to the business world. Our MSc Management programmes are aimed at preparing ambitious graduates for successful careers in diverse sectors such as consulting, financial services, and marketing. We provide cross-programme learning opportunities to equip our students with advanced skills and knowledge necessary to become influential business leaders. 

The upcoming year (or two) promises an exciting journey for our students, with many of them embarking on a new chapter in their lives. Being based in London, they are strategically positioned to build relationships with international organisations. They will quickly establish a lifelong global network of friends and contacts over the next year. Our personalised one-on-one career support will prove invaluable in nurturing and fostering these valuable connections. 

We eagerly anticipate seeing the achievements of all our students in the upcoming year. Our Management programmes will empower students with the knowledge and skills essential for pursuing ambitious business aspirations. With access to our esteemed faculty and their cutting-edge research, studying with us will open doors to global opportunities. 

Management meet the class 2022-23

MSc International Management  

MSc International Management offers an in-depth exploration of business and management from a global perspective, meeting the needs of a fast-evolving and increasingly interconnected world. We have welcomed 67 students to this programme, comprising 26 different nationalities with the average age being 22 and 43% of the class being female.    

We offer opportunities for students to apply their skills to the real world through international opportunities, including our ‘Leadership in Action’ module. This is a real-life impact consulting project, where students will experience how socioeconomic and cultural differences affect business operations in a different country. Our students will have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with their peers and it will open their eyes up to different cultures and experiences. Because of our world-class faculty, industry links, and experienced career consultants, we know that our students will become more responsible, resilient, and influential future business leaders. 


Markus Hubmann

Markus Hubmann 

Nationality: German 

Education: Technical University Munich (TUM) – Management and Technology 

How does the curriculum of MSc International Management align with your career goals?  

The MSc International Management programme at Imperial College Business School is deliberately designed to emphasise the global dimensions of the business landscape. This emphasis mirrors my goal to work in the international strategy consulting field, where a deep understanding of global dynamics is imperative. The programme's commitment to global perspectives perfectly complements my career objectives, equipping me with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of international business. 

Furthermore, the programme offers a balanced blend of theory and practical experience in international business environments.By participating in real-world projects and immersing myself in the complexities of international business, I'll be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of my chosen career path.  

What clubs and societies have you joined outside of the classroom? 

In addition to actively taking on responsibility as head of external relations (board member) of the Continental Europe Careers Club and having joined the German Society at Imperial College, I am proudly wearing the jersey at Imperial College's men's competitive volleyball team. Volleyball holds a special place in my heart. I've not only been a committed player but have also served as an honorary coach and supervisor in the youth department of SV Lohhof. For me, volleyball is not just a sport - it is a means to make a positive and lasting impact and invest in the future. Coaching and mentoring young athletes have been a fulfilling experience that aligns with my passion for personal and collective growth. 

Harsimrat Bhatia

Harsimrat Bhatia 

Education: Economics (Undergraduate) from the University of Delhi 

Why did you choose to study MSc International Management at Imperial College Business School?  

The programme structure at Imperial College Business School is built extremely well with the perfect mix of relevant core modules along with niche electives across diverse areas such as strategy, marketing, and finance. Secondly, the career support one receives at the Business School surpasses any other university in London. The regular career consulting sessions with industry experts, free subscriptions to interview and test practice platforms, and regular career fairs helps student get their dream job. Finally, the wide range of extra-curricular activities available to choose from ensures the holistic development of students. 

Are there any global residencies or trips you are excited to attend?  

As part of the ‘Leadership in Action’ module, we will be traveling to South Africa and working on a real-world business problem by undertaking a consulting project with a firm in Cape Town. I am extremely excited to be working in diverse teams and interacting with the firm’s management with the aim of curating innovative business recommendations for the client. 

We will also be traveling to a European country during May 2024 to take up a social project. I am a firm believer of using my technical skills and industry knowledge to create a positive societal impact and being a part of this European Immersion module will provide me the perfect opportunity to do so. 

How does it feel to be awarded the Imperial Excellence scholarship?  

I was over the moon when I received an email from the Business School stating that I have been awarded the Imperial Excellence Scholarship. It was a testament to my consistent diligence, resilience, and willingness to learn. It showed to me that the Business School really values the background of their students and their hard work before joining the institution. 


MSc Management 

We have welcomed 185 students to our MSc Management programme; this one-year full-time Master's programme is designed to equip graduates from a wide range of academic backgrounds for diverse management careers, including roles in management consulting and professional services. In fact, 99% of our MSc graduates were employed within six months of graduation (class of 2022). 

This year, we welcome students from 43 different nationalities, with the average age being 22 and 51% of the class being female.  

As a highly practical programme, students will apply their theoretical knowledge to real-life business contexts, choosing between a Consulting Project, Work Placement or Social Project where you will find solutions to real business challenges. 


Alexandra Whitford

Alexandra Whitford 

Nationality: British and Malawian 

Education: BA (Hons) French and Spanish, University College London 

How does the curriculum of MSc Management align with your career goals?  

Having no prior background in business, the programme has first provided me with a core but immensely powerful toolkit to understand business. As the year progresses, you very quickly build upon previously learnt knowledge across modules and apply it. Some highlights so far have been my Business Economics and Strategic Management lessons, learning about market structures, and the roles and actions of businesses respectively. 

More broadly, the MSc Management programme allows me to specialise in a particular area – finance. Coming into the programme with a rough career plan has therefore allowed me to change direction, explore new options, and work towards my goals. Towards the end of the programme, I will also have the opportunity to undertake a work placement, consulting project, or social project. Although undecided, I look forward to consolidating the concepts learnt on the programme and gaining an even broader understanding of the business world. 

I recommend applying for the MSc Management course as it is a well-structured programme with a variety of topics covered. This makes it suitable for a diverse body of students, many of whom will have varying career plans and aspirations. 

What networking opportunities have you had since starting your programme?  

Networking – love it or hate it as a concept, is something we passively do and actively pursue in everyday life. Prior to joining Imperial College Business School, I first met some Business School students at the Admitted Students Day and through social events held on the campus throughout the summer of 2023. This eased the transition to joining the campus full-time in September, as it was great to see already-familiar faces. 

One of the advantages of studying in London is the immediate access to multinational companies, startups, and wider business networks. Since joining Imperial, I have attended various company networking opportunities at their headquarters to expand my professional network. I also attended the Business School Careers Fair, where I directly interacted with companies and learnt about the necessary steps required to pursue a career in business and finance. Hearing from companies first-hand about their work environment, expectations, and application processes was helpful in anticipation of job hunting. Within the Business School, I have also received tailored advice on career paths and job applications. 

How does it feel to be awarded the Black Future Leaders Award? 

I feel incredibly grateful to have been awarded the Black Future Leaders award. Studying a master’s degree is a huge investment, which has alleviated financial pressure after having studied an undergraduate degree in London. However, what has also surprised me is the power of having a platform, and the responsibility that comes with this award to represent a community of future leaders. I hope to raise awareness and prompt others to think about contemporary issues, and recently wrote a piece on Imperial’s student blog for Black History Month 2023.  Having the opportunity to learn about many different subjects and expand my network has also been personally enriching, and I look forward to continuing this journey over the next year and beyond my time at Imperial! 

Dhishan Rajshekhar

Dhishan Rajshekhar 

Nationality: Indian  

Education: Christ University, Economics & Politics 

Company and role: Office of the MP, Policy and Operations 

Why did you choose to study MSc Management at Imperial College Business School? 

I chose to study the MSc Management Programme at Imperial College Business School for several compelling reasons:  

1. Academic excellence: Imperial College London has a global reputation for academic excellence and is a research prowess. The intersect with economics and management, aligns with my ambition to delve deeply into these disciplines.

2. Diverse curriculum: the MSc Management programme provides a well-rounded curriculum that balances core management principles with the flexibility of tailored electives and practical experiences. 

3. Professional development: Imperial College Business School is renowned for its focus on career development and its strong ties to industry. I recently shared a blog about attending The Business School's Careers Fair. Having already gathered experience in various professional settings, from policymaking with the Office of an MP to strategic roles at organisations like UNESCO and Edelman, I was drawn to the prospect of further refining my skills in a dynamic, real-world context.  

4. Innovative research opportunities: The Business School school is at the forefront of cutting-edge research that has real-world applications, which is critical for my academic and professional trajectory. 

5. London: the opportunity to study in London, one of the world's financial and cultural capitals, alongside peers from all over the globe, is invaluable. Such exposure is instrumental for career opportunities. 

Are there any global residencies you are excited to attend?  

I am looking forward to the global immersion in Singapore and the Global Exchange with HEC Paris. The prospect of engaging with Singapore’s vibrant economic landscape and its status as a global financial hub presents a fascinating opportunity to expand my knowledge in advanced economic policies and business practices. 

As for the Global Exchange with HEC Paris, I am equally excited about the academic rigor and the rich cultural exposure I will gain. HEC Paris is a pinnacle of excellence in management education, and interacting with its esteemed community is bound to enhance my academic profile and professional network. Such an experience will be instrumental in shaping my understanding of European business models. 

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business  

MSc Economics & Strategy for Business integrates cutting-edge strategic analysis with contemporary economics, preparing our graduates for successful careers in specialist economic and management consultancies and financial services. 93% of our graduates were employed within six months of graduation (class of 2022). 

We have greeted 172 students that make up 36 different nationalities, offering an enriching and diverse learning experience. The average age of the class is 22 and 52% of the class are female. 

The programme focuses on the application of core disciplines to real-world situations, via interactive lectures, challenging case studies, immersive business simulations and real-life consultancy projects. Our graduates will have the knowledge and practical experience needed to help businesses make informed decisions to maximise profits and minimise risk. 



Yige Wang

Yige Wang 

Nationality: Chinese 

Education: University of Bristol, BSc Economics 

Why did you choose to study MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School?  

I chose to study MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School for its immediate and long-term benefits to my personal knowledge base and its alignment with my career trajectory in financial consulting. The programme's curriculum is thoughtfully linked to some of the hottest topics today such as business and financial sustainability, enabling a thorough understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles — elements I regard as essential for the future of corporate progression. 

Moreover, the programme offers a remarkable course selection flexibility in later terms, which allows tailoring the learning experience to individual interests across economics, finance, marketing, and management. This multidisciplinary approach highlights the synergy between business facets, which I find particularly engaging. 

Beyond this, the programme provides exposure to the application of programming in economics and finance, with practical learning in R and Python. I believe that these skills will be pivotal in advancing my expertise in financial consulting, enabling me to harness data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.  

What networking opportunities have you had since starting your programme?  

My networking opportunities effectively started even before the programme commenced! After receiving my offer, I reached out to some alumni through the school's website and arranged coffee chats. The Business School alumni were incredibly welcoming and thoroughly answered all my questions, which allowed me to experience Imperial’s spirit of solidarity and mutual support before the term even began.  

Later, during alumni events organised by the school, I met them again though alumni networking event, and they generously shared their job-seeking experiences. Moreover, we had access to numerous recruitments talks and networking opportunities organised by the career services, where we had the chance for one-on-one interactions with employers and recruiters from our dream companies.

Ashita Biradar

Ashita Biradar 

Nationality: Indian 

Education: Mount Carmel College Autonomous, Bengaluru. Economics 

What has been the highlight of studying in London so far? 

The opportunities! Studying in a financial and cultural hub like London facilitates interactions with your target employers, while you also get to explore your own interests. For me this has been food and museums. While this may seem a cliché, the fact that London is so diverse is a highlight: I’ve been able to learn so much in the time that I’ve been here.  

How does the curriculum of MSc Economics & Strategy for Business align with your career goals?  

Personally, the best thing about this programme is how it’s a perfect blend of economic theory, strategy and core business concepts, which aligns with my short-term and long-term goals. Following the programme, I aspire to work in Management Consulting or Finance, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Corporate Strategy and Corporate Finance modules. I intend to eventually pursue a doctoral programme in Economics, for which modules like Analytics for Applied Economics and Business and Advanced Macroeconomics are very helpful. Electives like Business Sustainability and Python are also aligned with my career interests.  

Additionally, the course content at Imperial College Business School is very application oriented, so everything that you learn is easily transferrable to your sector of interest. 

MSc Strategic Marketing (on-campus, full-time)   

Our Master's programme harnesses the expertise of our distinguished marketing faculty and thought leaders in strategy, entrepreneurship, and technology. Here, the core principles of marketing seamlessly intersect with the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and marketing science converges with data-driven decision-making for business success. 96% of our graduates were employed within six months (class of 2022).   

We have welcomed 228 students to this programme that represent 50 different nationalities; the average age of the class is 23.

The programme offers two flexible study modes. Our Strategic Marketing Master's programme can be pursued as a one-year, full-time course, conducted at our London campus, or as a part-time, two-year online programme, allowing you to study from anywhere in the world.  

Benjamin Weill

Benjamin Weill  

Nationality: French 

Education: Bachelor in Business Administration (minor in Marketing) at EDHEC Business School & double degree of Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics at The Berlin School of Economics and Law 

What clubs and societies have you joined outside of the classroom? 

Besides the academic life, I am careful to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I have joined the squash association, which allows me to play regularly for fun or at a competitive level. I am also a member of the Imperial Quantum Technology and, the Imperial Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) associations, which organise events such as conferences to help us improve our skills on a particular subject, or networking events, which allow me to meet people working with these technologies. 

What were your highlights from your induction week?  

It was during the first week that I really realised what my new life at Imperial College Business School was going to be like, and I wasn't disappointed! Everything was thought through from start to finish and there wasn't a moment when I was bored or uncomfortable. We got to know our classmates on the first day through activities on campus, we were also welcomed by the Business School’s takeover at the Science Museum, which was privatised for the occasion! And finally, we spent a day in the countryside with our class, which again allowed us to get to know each other better. 

What networking opportunities have you had since starting your programme?  

I have had the opportunity to take part in several events organised by the Business School’s careers’ team, with former students who have joined major technology groups. I really like the format of these sessions, which encourage discussion and put our questions at the centre of the debate, all in a very professional environment. 

I also connected on the school campus in everyday life, exchanging with students from my cohort but also from other business master’s or even engineering students. This is something that I particularly value, as many of the students here are very open to discussion and have such varied and enriching backgrounds. It was also for me an opportunity to build strong friendships. 

Richie Kim

Richie Kim 

Nationality: Canadian 

Education: University of Toronto Hons. BA Media Marketing & Pre-Law 

Why did you choose to study MSc Strategic Marketing at Imperial College Business School? 

I was drawn to the MSc Strategic Marketing programme at Imperial College Business School due to its outstanding reputation in the field of business education. The school’s commitment to innovation, coupled with its prime location in London—a global hub for marketing and business—made it an obvious choice. Imperial College Business School’s focus on cutting-edge research and practical application resonates perfectly with my career aspirations in Product Marketing and Product Management. Additionally, the vibrant and diverse environment at the Business School promises ample opportunities for networking, personal growth, and professional development.  

How does the curriculum of MSc Strategic Marketing align with your career goals?  

The curriculum of the MSc Strategic Marketing programme is exceptionally well-aligned with my career objectives in Product Marketing and Product Management. Key modules such as “Strategic Marketing Management” and “Consumer Behaviour” provide in-depth knowledge and essential skills relevant to these roles. Furthermore, specialised courses like “Marketing Analytics” and “Market Research” lay a robust foundation for areas I am eager to explore further. Overall, this comprehensive curriculum ensures that I will be thoroughly prepared to tackle the challenges and responsibilities inherent in my chosen career path 

What is it like to study in London? 

Studying in London has been an incredibly enriching experience. The city’s vibrant culture, rich history, and status as a global business and cultural hub have made it an ideal location for my studies. Some of the highlights thus far include exploring the vibrant city with friends, immersing myself in cultural events and exhibitions, staying active working out at Ethos, and taking advantage of the many networking events available. London's dynamic environment offers boundless opportunities for personal and professional growth, making it an exciting place for anyone pursuing academic and career goals. 

MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) 

The MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) programme empowers our students to earn the same prestigious certification as our highly regarded MSc Strategic Marketing (on-campus) programme while maintaining their professional commitments. The online format affords our students the flexibility to study from anywhere around the globe. 

This year, we are delighted to welcome 49 students, spanning 24 nationalities with the average class age being 25.

Our core modules provide a solid groundwork for aspiring marketing leaders, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge. The extensive array of elective courses grants students the freedom to tailor their program, setting them apart from their peers and enabling them to carve out a unique professional identity. 

Karolina Ruiz Rogelji

Karolina Ruiz Rogelj 

Nationality: German and American 

Education: UC Davis, BSc Computational Cognitive Science 

Company and role: Dynatrace, Product Communication Manager 

What motivated you to choose online education at Imperial College Business School?  

I chose online education at Imperial College Business School because I didn't want to hit pause on my career. Opting for a part-time programme was crucial for me, allowing me to immediately apply the concepts learned to my work life. While searching for online Marketing Master’s programme, I prioritsed flexibility, inspiring professors, a strong network, and opportunities to integrate online students into campus life. 

Imperial College Business School stood out because of its commitment to involving online students in on-campus activities, such as joining clubs and attending in-person events. Before applying, I spoke with current part-time online students who assured me that the workload was manageable and emphasised the strong sense of connection within the cohort. Considering these factors, I was confident that pursuing an online part-time Master's at Imperial was the ideal choice for me. 

How does the Hub support your learning?  

The Hub is my go-to-platform for all things related to the programme—whether it's the programme handbook, my courses, or module support. It consolidates all the essential course-related information into one organised platform, and I find myself referring to it at least once a day be it on my phone or on my laptop. Imperial College Business School has done an incredible job in creating the Hub, and I'm really thankful for its efficiency and user-friendly design. 

Before applying, I spoke with current part-time online students who assured me that the workload was manageable and emphasised the strong sense of connection within the cohort. 

How have you built connections and networked with your peers and professors?  

Building relationships as a part-time online student can be challenging, but Imperial College Business School makes it surprisingly easy by offering various opportunities to connect with fellow students. I highly suggest attending in-person orientation week for upcoming students, it's where I connected with others and got to know them before the program officially kicked off. Meeting people beforehand makes collaborating on online group projects much smoother. 

Since I am involved in a couple of clubs, I make it a point to join online whenever possible. Additionally, the Business School hosts winter and summer balls, which I'm really looking forward to attending these events to celebrate with my class! 

Grayson Rachels

Grayson Rachels 

Nationality: American 

Education: High Point University – Bachelor of Arts, Advertising, Public Relations, and Strategic Communication, and a minor in Social Media Marketing 

Company and role: Austin Industries, Communications Specialist 

Why did you choose to study Strategic Marketing (online, part-time)  at Imperial College Business School?  

I selected Imperial College Business School due to its unwavering dedication to technology and innovation, which closely aligns with my aspirations as an early career marketer. The prospect of accessing mentors and career resources was compelling, ensuring I would have the necessary support to excel in a dynamic field like marketing. Moreover, the international nature of the programme aligns with my desire to live and work abroad, and Imperial's extensive global network provides invaluable career opportunities. 

How does the curriculum of your Master's programme align with your career goals?  

The programme places a strong emphasis on the convergence of marketing tactics and data-driven decision-making. In this digital age, as one of my professors might say, the dynamics of the business world are constantly evolving, and the ability to harness data for informed marketing decisions is paramount. The core modules of my program encompass a wide spectrum of marketing topics, providing a holistic understanding that will support a would-be practitioner like me. 

However, what particularly resonates with my career aspirations is the programme's focus on marketing from a strategic perspective. The curriculum equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to think critically, make data-informed decisions, and create new strategies that align with broader organisational objectives. 

In conclusion, we are delighted to welcome the dynamic and diverse group that makes up our Management Masters cohort. As they embark on this transformative journey together, it's evident that our cohort a collective group, poised to make a significant impact in the field of management and leadership.  

The connections forged within this cohort extend far beyond the classroom, laying the groundwork for lasting professional relationships and a network that will last beyond their time at Imperial College Business School.