Ocean and Climate

We explore Earth's complex environments and their vulnerability to pollution and climate change.

We model and study climate change, ice sheet dynamics and ocean circulation and carbon cycling through time, as well as environmental pollution tracing and impacts to life on Earth.

Our interdisciplinary research characterises the complexity of Earth's climate, oceans, ice sheets and geology - including how they interact and their vulnerability to human-caused change.

Using cutting-edge experimental techniques alongside advanced imaging and modelling, we seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of Earth's climate and environments, as well as its past, present and likely future.

Through our research, we aim to understand the intricacies of Earth's environments, including:

  • How ice sheets and sea levels have changed over time and may evolve in a warming world;
  • Ocean circulation patterns and the marine carbon cycle in the past, present and future;
  • The properties and flows of various environmental pollutants through air, water and soil;
  • The environmental impact of resource extraction and opportunities for more sustainable technologies;
  • Interactions between the oceans, ice sheets, solid earth and atmosphere in Earth's climate;
  • Vulnerabilities and resilience of ecosystems to pollution, climate change and other human impacts; and
  • Sources of greenhouse gas emissions and potential climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions

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