Members use a wide range of techniques (gene tagging, silencing, microarrays, RNA/ChIP-seq, -omics technologies) and imaging approaches (high-throughput microscopy to in vivo whole animal and single cell resolution), in addition to in silico structural modelling and mathematical modelling of gene families, molecular pathways, and complex cellular systems. The groups in this theme focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms which regulate development, maintenance, repair and regeneration of tissues. We use a variety of experimental models, including mouse, zebrafish, C. elegans, Drosophila, Arabidopsis, Blumeria graminis, and a range of protozoan and metazoan pathogens.

Studies on individual cells/organisms are complemented by population studies in an effort to understand the evolutionary drivers of gene selection. Strong links with groups in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering support the development of novel, interdisciplinary approaches that take advantage of cutting-edge technological advances to address challenging biological questions.

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Dr Atieme Joseph Ogbolosingha

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Dr Atieme Joseph Ogbolosingha
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