Imperial is participating in a read and publish agreement with the American Institute of Physics (AIP). This provides immediate open access for all research articles published by Imperial corresponding authors, with no additional cost to the author, in any of AIP’s 28 hybrid subscription titles. AIP Publishing’s open access journals (AIP Advances, APL Bioengineering, APL Materials, APL Photonics, Structural Dynamics, and Matter and Radiation at Extremes) are not included in the agreement.

Journals included in this agreement and others we have signed can be found using our journal search tool using journal title, ISSN or keyword.

Under the terms of the agreement, upon acceptance of your manuscript, you will be able to choose and sign the CC BY or CC BY-NC open access license.

To be eligible, articles must meet the following conditions

  • Be a research article
    Eligible article types: Brief Communication, Communication, Conference Article, Fast Track or Article-FT, Letter, Note, Perspective, Article, Research Update, Review, Roadmap, Tutorial
    Ineligible article types: Addendum, Announcement, Commentary, Comment, Conference Editorial, Editorial, Erratum, Referee Acknowledgement, New Products, Preface, Publisher's Note, Response, Retraction
  • Have an Imperial corresponding author whose email address is both in the online submission system and in your manuscript and issued by Imperial College London

If you have any questions regarding this agreement or the process please contact the open access team.