Citing and measuring the impact of datasets is increasingly important for the scientific research community. If you use, adapt or reference someone else’s dataset it is important that you acknowledge this, and you may wish to cite your own deposited datasets in research papers and publications.

Information on how to correctly cite a dataset can be found on the DataCite website, following the principles outlined by Force11 in 2014.

The recommended format for data citation usually comprises the following components:

Creator (PublicationYear). Title. Publisher. Identifier

If applicable, information about two other properties, Version and ResourceType, should also be included

Creator (PublicationYear). Title. Version. Publisher. ResourceType. Identifier


Cridford, T., Peters, W. (2018). Test Data Collection. Version 1. Imperial College London Data Repository. Dataset. 10.4469/hpc/4817. 


Further reading:

Australian National Data Service: Data Citation

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