Symplectic facilities
 Cross-Faculty  High Performance Computing (HPC) Service
 Faculty of Medicine Centre  Clinical Genome Informatics Facility (CGI)
 Chemical Engineering  Carbon Capture Pilot Plant
 Materials  Harvey Flower Microstructural Characterisation Suite
 Materials  Surface Analysis
 Materials  Thermal Analysis
 Materials  Thin Film Technology Laboratory
 Materials  X-Ray Diffraction
 Medicine  BRC Imaging and FACS Facility
 Medicine  Flow Cytometry Core Facility - St Mary's
 Medicine  Henry Wellcome Imaging Centre
 Medicine  Imperial College Clinical Imaging Facility (ICCIF)
 Chemistry  Chemistry Crystallography Service
 Chemistry  Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility
 Chemistry  Chemistry NMR Facility
 Centre for Bioinformatics  Bioinformatics Support Service
 Life Sciences  Centre of Structural Biology - X-ray Crystallography Facility
 Life Sciences  CISBIO Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
 Life Sciences  Cross-faculty NMR centre
 Life Sciences  Electron Microscopy Centre
 Medicine / Life Sciences  Facility for Imaging by Light Microscopy (FILM)
 Life Sciences  Flow Cytometry
 Life Sciences  Real Time PCR
 Life Sciences  SEMI (Scanning Electron Microscop Instrument) Unit
 Physics  EXSS Cleanroom
 Physics  Raith e_Line electron-beam lithography facility
 Reactor Centre  Reactor Centre - Materials Assessment and Health Physics Group Laboratory
List of facilities