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If you have gained sponsorship to study at Imperial, you will need to follow the steps below to ensure your sponsorship award is accepted by Imperial.

Until your sponsorship award has been formally confirmed by your sponsoring organisation and accepted by Imperial, your tuition fees will remain your financial responsibility.

Once your sponsorship has been accepted, any fee amount not covered by your sponsor is your responsibility and must be paid by the applicable tuition payment deadline to avoid late fees.

Who is considered a sponsored student?

Imperial College London reserves the right to determine what constitutes acceptable sponsorship. 

Students who have applied for sponsorship should state that they are self-funding until their sponsorship award has been confirmed by Imperial.

  • You will student not be classified as a sponsored student if you receive scholarship funds directly. In this case, the agreement will be between you and your sponsor, not between the sponsor and Imperial and so you will remain responsible for paying Imperial for tuition fees.
  • Students who are sponsored by an individual or group of individuals acting in a personal capacity are also not considered sponsored students.

Students who have declared they are fully sponsored will not be able to enrol until proof of sponsorship has been accepted by Imperial.

Students who are partially sponsored should state that they are self-funding when accepting their offer.

Payment terms for partially-sponsored students, including the option for payment of fees in instalments, will be the same as for self-funding students.

Providing proof of sponsorship

Satisfactory evidence of sponsorship is usually regarded as an original, dated and authorised letter from your sponsor on headed paper which includes the following:

  • Your name and College Identifier Number
  • The course for which you have been offered a place
  • The amount of fees which will be paid by your sponsor
  • The address to which the invoice should be sent
  • Any Purchase Order Number required
  • Confirmation that the fees will be sent directly to Imperial College London

Please submit your letters electronically via this form. If you have any problems please e-mail: