College policy does not allow students direct access to Turnitin. All student paper submissions using Turnitin must be submitted through an assignment in Blackboard Learn or uploaded directly to Turnitin UK Online by a staff member.

Access Turnitin

Access Turnitin via Blackboard

To allow students to submit through Blackboard, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Turnitin Assignment directly in your Blackboard course. This will automatically add you as an instructor in Turnitin. 

  1. Students enrolled on your Blackboard course submit to the Turnitin assignment. They will automatically have a Turnitin account created when they are enrolled on the course. 

  1. All teachers on the Blackboard course can view and grade submissions. Note that both editing teachers and non-editing teachers will be able to view and grade Turnitin assignments.

After accepting the terms and conditions, a Turnitin account will be created for you based on your Imperial email address when you access Turnitin via Blackboard Learn for the first time. You will receive an email notifying you of the creation of your Turnitin user profile and instructions for accessing Turnitin Online if you choose to do so later. 

Blackboard passes only your name and Imperial email address to Turnitin for the account creation. All other information from Blackboard, such as your Imperial College username and password, remain confidential and are not shared with Turnitin. 

Access Turnitin Online

Turnitin UK Online can be used by staff who do not use Blackboard. The system enables staff to submit assignments on behalf of students.

The process for using Turnitin UK Online is as follows:

  1. Apply for a Turnitin account to be setup. To request access to Turnitin UK Online, please fill out Turnitin Access Request form in ASK. Once registered, you will receive an email containing your login details
  2. Create an assignment on Turnitin UK Online. Set up a Class and for each Class, set up an Assignment where the submitted work can be uploaded. Please see the Turnitin Support website for further details
  3. Students submit the assignment to the staff member. This could be through email or through Blackboard or any other method as per the assignment. Students are not provided with access to Turnitin UK Online and so cannot submit their assignments using this system
  4. Once collected, the student papers are then submitted to Turnitin UK Online. This can be done individually or in bulk. 
  5. The papers have a similarity report generated and are graded as per the assignment. Note that only one teacher can administer an assignment using Turnitin UK Online. 
 Please note that ICT do not support use of the Turnitin UK Online website. All help enquiries should be dealt with directly through Turnitin Support.