Once you have created a Turnitin assignment within a Blackboard course, you also have the option to create either a Peermark version of the assignment. A PeerMark assignment type allows students to review other students papers based on scale and free response questions selected by the instructor

How to use PeerMark

PeerMark assignments can be created when the PeerMark option is enabled when setting up a Turnitin Assignment. If anonymity in the review is desired, student submissions should not contain the name of the author in the text or at the top of the paper. 

To create a PeerMark assignment, 

  1. Go to bb.imperial.ac.uk, enter your College username and password and log in 
  2. Navigate to the course and content area that you would like to create a Turnitin PeerMark assignment in 
  3. Select the Build Content drop-down menu, then select Turnitin Assignment 
  4. Enable PeerMark, complete the rest of your settings for the Turnitin Assignment and Submit 
  5. Select the Turnitin Assignment, it has been created with an additional PeerMark dropdown. 
  6. Under the PeerMark option, you can see PeerMark Setup & PeerMark Reviews 
  7. Select a PeerMark Setup  
  8. Add a Title, Instructions and  Maximum Points  (points for the peer review). 
  9. Peer reviews can be started at any time between the Students can review from and Students can review until dates. Completed peer feedback will be released on the date selected for Peer feedback available from. 

PeerMark Questions 

Allows you to add questions that the students should ask when marking the assignments. These will be posted to the students in the marking process. Select Add Question and enter your question. 


Allows you to edit the number of reviews each student makes. To do this, select (+) & (-) options to pair or exclude when assigning students to submissions. Select Save & Continue. 

For further guidance on setting up PeerMark assignments, please see the Turnitin help website.