Why has the Turnitin interface changed?

We have received confirmation from Turnitin Support that from August 2022, the legacy integration will no longer be supported. Turnitin have released a new version of the integration which we have implemented to retain vendor support.

What has changed?

  1. The icon to the submission link has changed from, see screenshot below showing the two icons.
  2. The interface for the submission page has changed but the process of uploading and submitting is the same.
  3. You will not receive a digital receipt via email but will have to download the receipt yourself.

Image description: Turnitin new icon.





Image description: Turnitin old icon. 





Accessing and Downloading graded work submitted pre-22/23

Due to the change to the new Turnitin integration, we cannot guarantee that you will retain access to previously submitted files after December 2023. 

Access to past papers should still be possible after December 2023 however you will need to access Turnitin directly rather than via your Blackboard course.

You can login to Turnitin directly using your usual college username and password.


For assignments created in this academic year, if your Turnitin assignment inbox is part of your Blackboard or Insendi course, do not login to Turnitin directly and submit to the inbox via the Turnitin website. Please go to your Blackboard or Insendi course and submit via the link provided in your course.