The Supporter role is a super user designed to aid other staff when using WISEflow. When assigned the role of Supporter, staff have access to valuable features created to support other users as they navigate WISEflow. These include searching for users on the licence and logging in as users on the licence to help them with various troubleshooting tasks.

Adding individual accounts to WISEflow

Please note: Only users with the Supporter role can add or edit other user accounts in WISEflow.

Individual accounts can be added by navigating to the Supporter tab and using the 'Add User' tab and completing the user details in the form on that page.  Please be aware of the requirements below:

  • "Imperial College id" should always be the college username followed by e.g.
    Do not use the primary email address for this field as the account will not be able to login to WISEflow. 
  • "Imperial Student Number" should be a user's CID. This is required for students but can be left blank for staff users. 
  • User Type will need to be selected for an account to be created. More than one user type can be selected. 
  • Primary email address should be a user's full email address e.g.

Adding multiple accounts to WISEflow

Adding accounts to WISEflow in bulk

To batch enrol staff users, please contact the ICT Service Desk. Please attach a CSV file with the following information for the members of staff that need to be added:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username (must use format
  • CID
  • Email address
  • Desired Role(s)

    (Participant, Assessor, Manager, Author, Reviewer, Supporter, Invigilator.) Users can be given more than one role.

If any of this information is not included, the batch request cannot be processed.

Banner integration

Students should be added via the Banner integration with WISEflow. To add student users via module, please contact the Curriculum Data team to request activation of the WISEflow Integration Partner Flag.

More information about the integration is available on our page "Banner Integrations with Digital Education Services".

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