Display your Imperial connection with an exclusive alumni email address. The benefits include:

  • A free Imperial address ending in @alumni.imperial.ac.uk
  • Complete Google mailbox service (including Google Calendar, Drive and Talk)
  • Easy to set up and manage

How do I create my alumni address?

First, register for an online alumni account (please allow 2 working days for your account to be approved). Once approved, you can activate your email address by logging into your online alumni account and clicking on the Alumni email service tab under My account.


What is the alumni email service?

Imperial alumni are able to create a mailbox with an address on the domain @alumni.imperial.ac.uk.

The mailbox is hosted by Google and works like a regular Gmail account.

I am having trouble setting up my email account, can you help?

If you have not done so already, please create an Imperial alumni account here.

Registrations for an alumni services account are approved manually, so please allow one working day for confirmation.

Once your account has been approved, login here. Choose the link on the left hand side Set up your alumni mailbox.

We will need to send you your login so please state an alternative mailbox, where we can send you the details and re-enter to confirm.

Click Create account once and wait for the following confirmation screen to appear. You will shortly be sent login details to the alternative mailbox you gave a moment ago.

Enter your login details at www.gmail.com.

Help! I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Our accounts are hosted by google, please follow their instructions here

When I login I’m being sent back to the homepage/login page, can you help?

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or above, please try Chrome or Firefox - unfortunately our website isn’t compatible with IE8 yet

If this does not work, please double check you are not signed into a personal Gmail account, or try to open our email in an incognito browser. Our email accounts are hosted by Google too and these can clash.

My email address is a bit too long… can I shorten it?

In some instances, where alumni have long first names and long surnames we can shorten the format of the email address to that of the initial of one’s first name followed by their surname and start year. For example, a.graduate11@alumni.imperial.ac.uk. To request this, please email alumni@imperial.ac.uk.

Why does the alumni mailbox button take me to my personal Gmail account rather than my alumni mailbox?

Your alumni email account is hosted by Google, so you may need to log out of your personal account or use an incognito window before you are able to login to your alumni account.

More questions?

For technical questions about the service, we recommend taking a look at Gmail's online resources here.

Can I set up email forwarding from my student email account?

Alumni can set up an email forwarding service from their student email account to their alumni email account. This will last until your student account is closed which typically remains active for one year after your graduation. View ICT's pages for more information on forwarding, redirecting and importing for alumni email accounts.