Have an Imperial connection in your online correspondence

Your Imperial degree is something to be proud of. Shout it from the rooftops every time you send an email by using an exclusive address, only available to alumni.

Your new email address will end in @alumni.imperial.ac.uk.

The mailbox is hosted by Google and works like a regular Gmail account.

In February 2023, Google implemented a policy update which means your storage limit will be reduced to 1.5GB for all data in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos attached to your alumni account. We have been working with Google and have negotiated an additional 60 days to allow you to complete this process. Please ensure you review your storage use by Friday 14 April 2023 and delete unnecessary files to avoid disruption to your service.

I want to...

Set up my new email address

We are upgrading Imperial Plexus so that in the future alumni can set up their email address automatically. It’s not quite ready yet so in the meantime, please complete our alumni email request form to set-up your new email address. If you are having difficulty completing the form, please email alumni@imperial.ac.uk for assistance. 

Read the terms and conditions

The alumni email address is provided by Google Ireland Limited and administered by Imperial College London. Signing up for an alumni email account means you are agreeing to Imperial’s Terms and Conditions, and also to the G Suite Acceptable Use Policy:

Forward my student emails

Once you have created an alumni email account, you are able to use ‘POP’ to import the contents of your student email account providing it is still active (one year post graduation in most cases). View ICT's pages for more information on forwarding, redirecting and importing for alumni email accounts.