The stage and audience at the Alumni Awards Ceremony 2020

The Alumni Entrepreneur Award: Recognising bold and innovative founders.

New for 2021, this award recognises and celebrates innovative and creative alumni entrepreneurs who can demonstrate commercial success, growth and impact. 

Joint nominations for up to three alumni co-founders are welcome. All nominees will need to meet the criteria to be considered for the award. 

Alumni eligible for this award:

  • Have founded or co-founded one or more commercially viable companies. 
  • Are motivated self-starters who have demonstrated exceptional drive and leadership and have taken bold decisions to make their company a success. 
  • Are making a positive contribution to their community or impact on society through their company, voluntary or charitable activities. 
  • Are inspiring role models, mentors or champions for equality in their industry. 
  • Can demonstrate the commercial success, business growth and tangible achievement of their company. 
  • Have received external recognition and/or validation from their peers and/or the industry. 

Need more information before you submit your nomination?

How does a joint nomination work?

You can submit the following types of nomination for the Alumni Entrepreneur Award: 

  1. A self-nomination for just you, or for you and up to two other alumni co-founders 
  2. A nomination for a single alumni co-founder (not yourself) or a team of up to three alumni co-founders (not including yourself) 

Please note, if you choose to submit a joint nomination, all co-founders listed on the nomination need to meet the criteria and you will be required to provide examples and evidence of their eligibility.  

If you are part of a team of alumni co-founders, it is up to you whether you wish to submit a joint nomination or not. You are welcome to submit a single nomination for one co-founder, but please do not submit single nominations for each co-founder. 

If you are part of a team of co-founders who are not all Imperial alumni, please only nominate the alumni. 

What to include in your nomination

Make sure you check out our top tips to make your nomination stand out before you start working. So that you can prepare your nomination in advance before you start filling in the form, we’ve listed the main questions below. Please note, we’ll also need some general information about you or your nominee so we can verify alumni status.  

  1. Please tell us about your company or companies and any relevant highlights or key milestones they have reached. This could include fundraising milestones, number of employees, turnover, accolades etc. (Up to 800 words)

  2. Please summarise your key entrepreneurial achievements. Explain how you have demonstrated exceptional drive and leadership to make you company or companies a success. Share examples of when you have taken a creative and innovative approach. (Up to 500 words)

  3. Please provide examples that demonstrate how you are making a positive contribution to your community, or having an impact on society through your company, voluntary or charitable activities. This could include inspiring others as a role model, mentor or championing equality. It could also include supporting the College e.g. through volunteering, advising on committees or boards, supporting students or the alumni community, or sharing expertise. (Up to 500 words)

Please note, all co-founders named on the nomination must complete questions two and three. 

You’ll be able to include up to two supporting documents. This could include a short CV, letter of recommendation, newspaper or magazine clippings, or relevant article. 

If you’re nominating yourself, you’ll also need to submit a supporting letter from an independent referee. These letters can’t be written by a relative and must be received within the deadline date for nominations. We’re sorry but we can’t accept self-nominations without a supporting letter. If you are submitting a joint nomination, we are happy to accept a single supporting letter if you prefer. 

Please note, you can only paste plain text into the nomination form - formatting such as bold or italicised text will not copy over correctly. 

Terms and conditions

Please make sure that you read through all the terms and conditions before starting your nomination.

All nominees must have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Imperial College London or one of the associated colleges or medical schools. Alumni who have previously won an award in any category will not be eligible to win the same award again. We are unable to accept nominations for active politicians, honorary graduates or those who have previously received a College Medal or Fellowship of Imperial College. No posthumous awards will be made.

Anyone is eligible to nominate alumni for an award.