Alumni share their recipes for success with new students

Welcome to all our new students from the alumni community.

A memory of home, an expression of your cultural identity, a bonding moment, a ritual... the preparation and sharing of food is about more than simply fuelling your body but is a way to bind a community together.

Thanks to popular demand, the gift of an #OurImperial wooden spoon to new students as they arrive at the College has become a new Imperial tradition. While the spoon itself is great, what makes the gift truly special is the recipes, memories, good wishes and advice from alumni that come along with it: a warm welcome to the community from those who have gone before. 

Variety of different meals including catering outlets on campus. Text says 'You went to one of the best universities in the world, but can you boil an egg? If you are what you eat, what did you eat?'

Need some inspiration?

What did you eat at Imperial? What food can immediately take you back to that moment in time? What meal reminds you of eating with your friends?