Welcome to the next generation

Calling Imperial alumni: Help us welcome new students to the College!

We're putting together a special Welcome Season video and we need your help. We are looking for Imperial students and alumni to film a short video of yourselves saying "Welcome" or "Welcome to Imperial" in your native language. Are you up for the task? Upload your clip using the form on this page.

Top tips for recording your video clip

  • Camera: Please use your phone rather than a webcam. You'll need to film in landscape and in high resolution.
  • Location: We'd love to see where you are so feel free to film in front of a unique building, office space, desk or other interesting location, but make sure it's not distracting.
  • Positioning: A reminder again - you'll need to film your clip in landscape mode. Please make sure your phone is placed at around neck height and that you are positioned in the centre of the frame. Your eye line should be towards the camera (not looking at your own image if you've got the phone on selfie mode), and towards the top of the screen as in our example image.
  • Lighting: Daylight is preferred, diffused daylight if possible. You should be lit from the front - make sure you're not recording yourself standing in front of a light source like a window as we won't be able to see you clearly.
  • Sound: Record close to the microphone. If possible, place cushions on hard surfaces.

Frame from a video showing a woman in the centre of the shot, looking towards the camera
How to position yourself within the frame