Imperial alumni email service

The alumni email address is provided by Google Ireland Limited and administered by Imperial College London.

Signing up for an alumni email account means you are agreeing to Imperial’s Terms and Conditions below, and also to the G Suite Acceptable Use Policy:

From Tuesday 5 September, access to Google Drive and Photos associated with alumni email accounts will be switched off and you will lose access to any remaining files. 

If you need to keep any files, you can export an archive of your Drive, Gmail, and Photos data with Google Takeout. Learn how to download your data into an archive.

Imperial College London Terms and Conditions

Anyone registering themselves for the alumni email service shall be deemed to have consented to these terms, which may be varied from time to time.

Your data

Imperial College London is registered as a controller (in respect of its processing of personal data) with the Information Commissioner’s Office. The personal information that you provide will be treated confidentially and stored securely in accordance with UK data protection law and the College’s own Data Protection Policy. The personal information that you provide may be shared with third parties, contracted by the College to assist with the administrative processes described, or as required by law. The College does not sell any of its data to third party organisations.

For further information see Imperial College London's Advancement Division privacy policy.

Discontinuation or withdrawal of the service

The College reserves the right to withdraw the email service if future circumstances (technical, legal, financial or of any other nature) make it expedient to do so. At the time of inaugurating the service no such developments are foreseen. Reasonable warning of any general cessation will be given.

The College reserves the right to withdraw the service from individual subscribers with or without warning, if:

  • a subscriber's external email address becomes invalid
  • a subscriber makes use of an address for purposes likely to bring the College into disrepute or involve it in legal proceedings
  • for any other reason the College considers it expedient to suspend or withdraw a subscriber's alumni email account.

The College reserves the right to change the provider of the email service.

Limitation of responsibility

The College cannot guarantee the quality of service in terms of performance or availability.

The College is not responsible for the content of email messages or attachment, either sent or received via the email service.

Terms and conditions of use

Alumni email addresses are not transferable.

Subscribers are required to use the facility provided by the College for managing the account settings of their email account and should take reasonable precautions to keep their password secure.

The Advancement Division will store your alumni email address and may use it to contact you in the future, always in accordance with your email preferences. You can update your contact preferences at any time on our website.

Subscribers must not use the email service for any unlawful purpose or in breach of English law or any other law applicable to the use of this service or the Internet.

Use of the email service carries with it no rights in relation to the name of the College or its logo or trademarks or other intellectual property owned by it.