2020 Distinguished Alumni Award winners Harris Bokhari and Angela Vincent

The Distinguished Alumni Award: Celebrating the long-term achievements of truly outstanding alumni. 

This award recognises and celebrates outstanding alumni who have demonstrated sustained excellence in their personal and professional achievements, are leaders in their field or have made a substantial impact on society. 

Alumni eligible for this award:

  • Can demonstrate the impact of their achievements over a number of years. 
  • Have received formal recognition from their peers and/or community. 
  • Are an exemplary role model, inspiring leader or champion for equality. 
  • Are paving the way for, mentoring and supporting the next generation. 
  • Have transformed their field, challenged boundaries or developed innovative solutions. 
  • Can demonstrate the scale and tangible impact of their work. 
  • Are influencing change or making a positive impact on society through their professional, voluntary or charitable activities. 

Celebrating our Distinguished Alumni

Meet our Distinguished Award Winners 2020

Harris Bokhari and Angela Vincent

Harris Bokhari (BSc Mathematics 1999) has a simple aim in life: to make the world a fairer and better place. He does this through his charities – the Patchwork Foundation and the Naz Legacy Foundation – as well as his work as an advisor to senior figures in the British government. Read Harris’ full profile. 

Angela Vincent (Westminster Hospital Medical School 1966) has made an outstanding contribution to the field of neuroimmunology through her research. Her work on autoimmune diseases, and the identification of specific auto-antibodies that cause several previously unexplained neurological diseases, is world leading. Read Angela’s full profile.