Accessing the Student Union Bar

Tankards at the Union BarIf you'd like to relive your student days with a visit to the Union Bar, you are very welcome!

All you need to do is make sure that you can prove that you're an alumnus to satisfy the terms of their license. The easiest way to do this is to download the Imperial Plexus app or navigate to Imperial Plexus via a web browser on your phone. Login, and show staff your account on arrival. You'll be issued with a day pass that you can use until the bar closes. You may bring up to four guests on any one visit. 

Download the Imperial Plexus app (Google Play).

If you're a recent alumnus and you still have your College identification card, you can present this to bar staff instead. 

Please note, you don't have to be a member of the Union to use the bar, you just need to be able to prove that you're an alumnus. 

Imperial College Union membership

For a fee of only £40 you can become a life member of the Union. You will be able to use the Union facilities and attend events with up to two guests, only paying the special student rate.

Apply to be a Life Member of Imperial College Union.

As a life member you can continue to meet your friends at the campus bars in South Kensington, at Silwood and at Charing Cross. You can join a club or society and you will be welcome at sporting events and other club and society events such as musical productions or film showings as well as major yearly events, such as the International Night and the Summer Ball. 

With the new product you will be able to indicate where you would like £30 to go within the Union - including Imperial's individual Clubs, Societies and Projects (CSPs). This means your purchase can directly support the CSPs and services that have mattered to you most whilst you were a student at the College.

If you can’t decide which CSPs to support with you money, don’t worry; the Union will put it towards the student experience in general.

For more information, and how to apply, please visit the Student Union website.